How to Reach the Most Popular Instagramers with Cold Email Marketing

instagram on smartphone

Remember the beginning of Instagram when people posted fun pictures of their food or their cat? Well, it’s grown over the years into a hub for online marketing and sales. Regular users can now become influencers whose job it is to use their large following to benefit brands and businesses everywhere. Getting Influencers to endorse […]

Your Ultimate Guide for Building a Successful Business Instagram Profile

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What’s your favorite social media platform? Many users—Millennials in particular—will answer, “Instagram, of course!” Since its creation in 2010, (or maybe even Facebook’s purchase of it in 2012), Instagram has continued to grow in popularity. Brands and businesses are increasing their opportunities to become successful online, and a lot of that strategy starts with Instagram. […]

Twitter Moments and How Explore Has Changed the Game

twitter moments

Twitter announced in October 2015 its “best of Twitter in an instant,” because Twitter wasn’t instant and brief enough already. With all of the content flooding people’s Twitter feeds, the people behind the recognizable little blue bird decided to tell them what they should be reading or browsing. Don’t get us wrong; these algorithms are […]

Should I Really Boost My Facebook Post?

facebook boost post

Most of the time, we preach the benefits of organic marketing efforts. However, if you do business in a relatively saturated market, the game is often pay to win. Many businesses struggle to stand out online when their industry has a lot of competition—sometimes even with the most advanced organic strategy. That’s where online advertising […]

LinkedIn Marketing for Dummies

linkedin marketing

What is LinkedIn? Learn about LinkedIn Marketing and how your business can get started on the professional social media network. LinkedIn 101: Getting Started LinkedIn likes to describe itself as “the world’s largest professional network,” and that’s exactly what differentiates LinkedIn from the rest of the social networking pack. You aren’t going to post pictures […]

Twitter Marketing for Dummies

twitter marketing for dummies

What is Twitter marketing? Find out how to get started on this short and sweet social media platform and how you can grow your marketing efforts. Twitter 101: Getting Started First things first, what is Twitter and why does it matter for your Internet marketing strategy? This may surprise some, but it’s not a bird […]

Facebook Marketing for Dummies

facebook marketing tips

What exactly is Facebook? We know it’s the most popular kid in class, but how can you use it to your digital marketing advantage? Facebook 101: Getting Started According to Facebook’s Facebook page (seriously), “The Facebook page celebrates how our friends inspire us, support us, and help us discover the world when we connect.”  That’s […]

Social Media No-Brainers

Phone screen with social media icons

Have you started your company’s social media profiles months ago and still only have your mom as a follower? All you want is for your Instagram pictures to hit over 100,000 likes—is that too much to ask? Social media for businesses is the newest platform to search for products and services. It’s crucial for your […]

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