Case Studies

The case study. What is it exactly? A way to showcase the amazing web marketing skills we have at Post Launch? A way to highlight our best efforts and how awesome we are at web presence marketing? A way to pat ourselves on the back for all our hard work that paid off in successful marketing campaigns? The Post Launch web presence marketing case study represents all that and more. We know, our humbleness is overwhelming.

Here at Post Launch, we’ve gotten the opportunity to run internet marketing campaigns for some pretty amazing organizations and events. From nationally known organizations to local Las Vegas events, we’ve been able to apply our marketing expertise and some onsite man-hours to making a campaign come to life online. Not only do we have great stories to tell from our various Agency Life experiences, but we have some staggering results of how awesome we are at doing our jobs. Again, the humbleness is paralyzing.

To see our internet marketing skills in action, check out the web presence case studies examples below. You will find highlighted examples of our most successful marketing services and campaigns. Learn more about all the online marketing services we offer at Post Launch and see our whole package. Trust us; it’s worth a look.

Power of Love gala

The Power of Love gala is an annual fundraising event that raises money for the Lou Ruvo Brain Center located in Las Vegas, NV. The 2016 gala included a celebration of Tony Bennett’s 90th birthday, celebrity guest appearances and musical performances, and Post Launch live posting the event from beginning to end. Learn more about our social media marketing success at the 20th Anniversary Power of Love gala.

Medical Marijuana Marketing Success

Medical marijuana was legalized in Nevada in 2000, and 15 years later the first Nevada medical marijuana dispensaries finally opened their doors. Dispensaries opening their doors across Nevada was the beginning of what is already shaping up to be a billion dollar industry in the state of Nevada. And with business comes marketing. That’s where Post Launch comes in.

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