How Much Social Engagement Is the Right Amount?

social media engagement

In the digital marketing world, the topic of social media engagement gets tossed around constantly. How much is the right amount? What type of engagement should my brand participate in? Do I really even need to engage with my customers? In 2017, where there’s more social media awareness now than ever, yeah, you do need […]

Features on Twitter You Didn’t Know about But Should

twitter special features

Twitter: It’s one of our favorite social media sites. Unfortunately, though, many users have a love/hate relationship with this platform because of its constant influx of trolls and bullies. If Twitter can learn anything from its past 11 years of being a top social media platform, it’s that the users want a more effective and […]

Top Social Media Makeovers in 2016

social media marketing updates

Social media marketing is always evolving, and it’s up to web presence marketing companies like Post Launch to keep track of these updates, just to make sure you’re getting the most out of your social media profiles. Check out some of the biggest social platform evolutions that happened in 2016, and see how they can […]

What’s Your Damage? How to Evaluate Your Social Media Marketing

calculating social media marketing efficacy

You spend valuable business hours strategizing your social media marketing campaign. Then you share, share, share, and share content. At the end of it all, you’ve spent as much time trying to get people to see what you have to offer as you have actually creating what you’re offering. And you have no idea how […]

Social Media Made Super Easy [Recipe]

easy social media recipe

Social media marketing is easy—you just have to know how to social media right to start seeing the results you want for your business. Social media marketing tips exist, but they don’t break down social media step-by-step. We decided to make this happen and broke it down into a super easy social media recipe. Simply […]

LinkedIn Marketing Trends of 2016 and What to Expect in 2017

LinkedIn social media icon with Post Launch logo

You know LinkedIn is a professional social media platform, and way less fun than Snapchat and Instagram. But did you know that people actually use LinkedIn for their social networking? That’s right: out of the 400+ million LinkedIn profiles, approximately 40% are actually using the platform every day. It’s the world’s largest professional network, and […]

Showing Gratitude through Social Media Best Practices

thank you thanksgiving

This is the time of year to express gratitude, which means it’s time to start showing gratitude towards our clients and customers in business. Not only are we thankful for social media, but we are also thankful for how easy it is to express our gratitude through social media. With social media best practices for business […]

Twitter 2016: A Flock of Upgrades

twitter marketing

Last year Twitter introduced Moments to the world, and they didn’t stop there. Twitter has developed exponentially since the days before Twitter Moments, Twitter polls and official hashtags with little emoji’s next to them. From relaxed character counts restrictions to the new Twitter Dashboard, Twitter is no longer as antiquated as it once was. But […]

Top 5 Halloween Marketing Campaigns of the Last 5 Years

happy halloween

Too early to think about a Halloween marketing campaign? Boooo. That’s not true at all. No matter your business, it is always important to pay attention to the trends and seasons that your customer base experiences. Now that summer is coming to an end, everyone is beginning to think about the holiday season. But there […]

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