Twitter Moments and How Explore Has Changed the Game

twitter moments

Twitter announced in October 2015 its “best of Twitter in an instant,” because Twitter wasn’t instant and brief enough already. With all of the content flooding people’s Twitter feeds, the people behind the recognizable little blue bird decided to tell them what they should be reading or browsing. Don’t get us wrong; these algorithms are meant to be user-friendly and will likely determine adequately what most people will want to see.

Flash forward to 2017. Twitter has had a change of heart and Moments are once again evolving. Twitter Moments created a great way for people to tell stories by collecting different tweets, gifs, photos, and videos, and combining them all into one kickass storytelling experience. Now that little Moments lightning bolt has disappeared and in its place is a magnifying glass—this is the new Twitter Explore icon.

Find out how to use Twitter Moments and how it can benefit your marketing efforts.

What Is Twitter Explore?

Twitter Explore allows you to see all of the top trending headlines of the day while keeping you in one place. Instead of having to bounce from place to place to see each feature, it keeps you on the platform longer giving you a better user experience overall.

Magic moments

The highlighted features in Twitter Explore include videos and those amazing Moments that we first fell in love with. Both of these features get larger headers than anything else, thus bringing more attention to them.

This addition is actually a great thing for companies that use social media. With the Moments feature being highlighted in Twitter Explore, companies who utilized it in the past will now get better visibility throughout the entire Twitter space.

For instance, say your company is having a special deal surrounding an event or holiday (like EDC that just happened in Las Vegas.) You can utilize the trending hashtag and Moment to get your content in the same space as some other big conversations surrounding the event.

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Twitter’s goal with explore

Twitter’s primary goal is to streamline the discovery process for all of its users. They want their users to find everything they need without ever leaving the platform. This is what ultimately lead them away from Moments as a stand-alone feature and into the world of exploration.

Twitter Explore may mean big for your company, but one thing remains true: Your content still has to offer quality, be it informational or entertaining. If it’s good (and maybe with a little help from the little blue bird), your content may be more than a moment but a conversion.

Proceed with caution, fellow web presence marketing friends. Larry (the name of the Twitter emblem) may be small, but his influence continues to grow. Are your web marketing efforts and social media marketing strategies developing with it?

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