Social Media No-Brainers

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Have you started your company’s social media profiles months ago and still only have your mom as a follower? All you want is for your Instagram pictures to hit over 100,000 likes—is that too much to ask?

Social media for businesses is the newest platform to search for products and services. It’s crucial for your company to be active there. If you’re looking for some social media tips, start first with these not-always-so-obvious social media no-brainers. If you’re missing these, there’s really no way to reach your #socialmediagoals.

Duh! Common Sense Social Media Tips

Social media marketing is evolving every day; there are always more ways for you to reach your customers. If your presence online is dull or only reaching two people, start looking closely at what you’re doing. The most obvious mistakes on social media could be keeping you from reaching new consumers.

#Hashtags are important

Hashtags are the newest in search keywords, working to filter and group worldwide conversations. Using hashtags is a social media no-brainer.

How else is Meredith going to see her customers wearing her latest crop top if they don’t use the hashtag #RainDropNewCropTop? Without the hashtag, Meredith wouldn’t have any photos connecting her brand to her consumers.

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Hashtags can also help people find you more easily. If someone is looking for #Pupcare and you’ve been using the same hashtag, they’ll be more likely to find you and become a customer. Make brand-specific hashtags for your customers to connect with you.

Avoid hashtags that are too broad, like #hair or #coffee. These saturated hashtags will give you less of a chance to stand out and be found.

Include a call-to-action  

If you’re selling a new product, but all you say in your post is, “Here is my new product,” you aren’t telling your consumers what to do with your information. Giving your social media posts a call-to-action will lead your consumers where you want them to go.

To get your consumers to visit a website or view a new product, give your posts direction:

  • Check it out
  • Shop for this product
  • Learn more
  • Find out why

Calls to action like these can lead to more social engagement. It’s a social media no-brainer, but unfortunately, many people forget their importance.

Get help for social media marketing

If you just don’t have time to post every day on your social media platforms or don’t have time to create content for your website, you can get help. Internet marketing companies can handle all that stuff with your best in mind.

Picking Us Is Also a No-Brainer

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