How the Wrong Office Temperature Can Ruin the Mojo

office temperature and productivity at work

Summer is here. And if you’re not a native Las Vegan, you may be a little distraught thinking about the temperature reaching triple digits. It’s time to wear some looser layers and turn up that AC! Check out how the temperature outside (and in the office) affects our productivity at work.

Finding the Perfect Office Temperature

The temperature in your office can make or break your work week. It’s the difference between happy people who do their work in a timely manner whilst smiling and maniacs who want nothing more than to break free from Dante’s inferno.

Unfortunately, there is no law regulating a certain temperature for workplaces. It’s mostly up to personal preference.

So, let’s ask the nerds.

Bri, one of our Digital Content Creators, says, “I like being colder and having the option to throw on an extra cozy layer. I am definitely that girl in the office with a dress and a sweater.” Her ideal temp? 72-74 degrees.

Diana, another Digital Content Creator, is a part of #TeamColdFeet—“Like actual cold feet, not the fear of events. So, I don’t like super cold places when I’m wearing flats or sandals. Perfect temp: 74 degrees, just like the temperature of April 25th.

congeniality perfect date

Our Director of Operations, Anne E., is on the opposite end of the spectrum. She says, “If it’s below 76 in my office, I’m happy. (Although, ideally, I’d like it to be 68). If I’m hot, I’m grumpy as heck and EVERYONE KNOWS when I’m grumpy. So me being hot is not only unproductive for me but for the whole team ;). #AlwaysHotTeamFOREVER”

As for me, Angie, Post Launch’s Assistant Editor, I’m pretty much #AlwaysCold. I like to include layers in my office gear, just in case the co-workers get a little handsy with the thermostat. But once I step outside into the warm Las Vegas weather, it’s like an air blanket wrapping itself around me.

kravitz blanket scarf

Kasey, another member of the Creative Division, says, “I must be very warm blooded because when it’s breezy, the work is easy. I don’t know what I was thinking, moving to Las Vegas. Seriously, the heat makes my skin uncomfortable. ”

And Michelle, one of our Client Experience Officers, prefers a good middle ground. “I like somewhere in the 70s, and if it’s too hot, I get visibly sweaty. And if it’s too cold, I have to cut open my tauntaun. They smell as bad on the inside as they do on the outside. ”

tauntaun warmth

We all have different preferences. But, because we’re such a great team, we do well finding a temperature that works for everybody—Team Always Cold and the warm-blooded creatures. Oh, and we have an awesome Office Mom who makes sure we kids don’t adjust the thermostat too far from where it should be.

Don’t Worry—We’ll Still Be Working Despite the Heat

Despite our bickering and different preferences for room temperature, we’ll still be working away busily making the Internet. Your digital marketing is in good hands (even if those hands will be wrapped in gloves to stay warm.)

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