Writing Content for Businesses


Hi, Geoff here from Post Launch. I want to give you some advice on writing content for your business. One of the things I tell a lot of our clients is: ‘Let’s talk about stuff that you find interesting.’ What I mean for that is if you’re sitting down and trying to write a blog post for your website, a lot of people are going to sit there and say: ‘Well, what do my clients want to hear? What do my customers want to hear? What are things that I think they want to know?’

Throw all of that right out of your mind. The best way to write and the best stuff to write about on your blog, online, or posting for social or syndication is to talk about content that you find interesting. If you’re interested in flying cars, find a way to talk about that for your business. If you’re interested in blue jeans, find a way to talk about that for your brand, for your service, or your, you know, your mobile app, your game, yourself. What is interesting to you?

When you find something that interests you and you integrate that into your content creation, your audience will sense it and be pulled in naturally. If you’re passionate about your business and interests surrounding your business, that will be communicated clearly to anyone who reads your content. As the owner or as an integral part to a business or company, you know your audience, your business and your interests better than anyone else.

If you find it interesting, that will be conveyed when you’re creating your own content, and your audience will attach to it a whole lot better. For more information on what Post Launch does and to learn more about our company, visit us online at www.postlaunch.co.

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