The Most Out-of-This-World Blogs We Wrote in 2017

best blogs of 2017

2017 was one heck of a year. We inaugurated a new President, watched a bad-ass Wonder Woman film, witnessed the birth of Beyonce’s twins, survived Hurricanes Irma and Maria, and we stood together as a community after the October 1st tragedy. As we celebrate and welcome a New Year and all its possibilities, we wanted to spend some time looking back at some highlights from the Post Launch blog. Introducing our favorite sassy, smart, spacey, spectacular, sensational—you get it—best blogs of 2017!


Our Top 20 Favorite Blogs We Wrote in 2017

Content marketing faves

1. Making Sweet, Sweet Content for Search Engines: Have you ever loved something as much as your company’s website? Check out how we turned Valentine’s Day into a special time for you and your website. Content marketing can be sexy, too!

2. 21st Century Internet Style Guide: Writing for the Reader and the Search Engine: Writing with SEO in mind deserves a set of its own rules. Anne E. introduces you to PL Style, a writing style guide made just for the Internet, SEO, and social media marketing.

3. Introducing RX: The Reader Experience in the Digital Age: The Internet is changing how people read. Learn from Anne E. what reader experience is and how you can create content that supports our ever-evolving digital age.

4. PL Style: What’s in a Title? That Which We Call a Blog: People don’t click on blogs for no reason—it’s all about the catchy title. We give you the lowdown on writing engaging titles. No engaging title, (probably) no readers.

5. How to Optimize Your Content for a Google Featured Snippet: SEO Ninja, Trevor, teaches you how to win the featured snippet spot in Google search results. Why do you want this coveted “position zero” spot? Because users click on it way more often than even the first organically-ranked result.

6. Why Quality Content Marketing Is Still King: SEO doesn’t happen without good content. Allow Bri to kindly remind you why content is still king and how to develop a successful content strategy.

7. Get Your Audience to Actually Read Those Email Newsletters: Got low email open rates? Enhance your email marketing strategy and find out how to get your audience to engage with your email newsletters.

Engaging social media blogs

8. Aesthetically Pleasing Tips for Your Business Instagram Profile: Instagram is still the top media sharing platform to be on. Make your page more eye-catching with these business Instagram profile tips.

9. Get Trending! The History of the Hashtag and How to Use One: Our newest Content Creator, Andres, goes over some hashtag facts and how to use them properly on social media. (Hint: #Not #Like #This.)

Tips on visuals in marketing

10. Creating the Perfect Video Blog: Video blogs give you a new way to engage with your target audience! Get some tips on vlogging from film enthusiast and content creator, Kasey.

11. Creating Infographics That Don’t Hurt Your Eyes when You Look at Them: In this infographic (soooo meta!), Diana relays her expertise on infographic design that even the most graphically-challenged can follow.

Branding and traditional marketing

12. Get Your Sh*t Together: Why Brand Consistency Is Important: Avoid confusing your audience with branding mishaps. In this blog, I go over the importance of brand consistency and how to make it happen.

13. Once Upon a Time, There Was a Brand That Needed a Story: Does your brand have a story? It should. Read to find out how to build and share that story with your audience.

14. How to Make Customer Reviews Work for You: Consumers often trust the opinions of other consumers more than ads or business-created copy. Find out how to get more customer reviews and use them in your marketing.

And, the star of the show: SEO blogs

15. 5 SEO Scams and Promises That Gag Us with a Spoon: Don’t fall for SEO scams. Trevor shows you what to look out for and how to know you’re working with a reputable group, like Post Launch.

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16. Why Can’t My Peeps Find Me Online? How to Raise Your Rankings from the Dead: Staying visible in Google search results isn’t necessarily hard. But it does require quality, accuracy, and consistency.

17. Mobile before Beauty: Optimus Prime Your Website: The world is mobile. Grab some knowledge about the mobile movement and tips on how to optimize your site for it.

18. The Ultimate Guide to HTTP Status Codes and SEO: Don’t let HTTP status codes take over your site. It’ll do nothing but drive users and the Google Bots away. We tell you what these codes mean and how to fix the errors.

19. Organic Traffic Isn’t Just for the Hipsters of Healthy Conscious Moms: Organic is where it’s at. Find out why you should focus your efforts on getting more organic traffic, as well as some tips on how to do it.

20. Digital Marketing Convergence: An Unabridged Digital Marketing Strategy: Last, but certainly not least, Anne E. gives you an exhaustive explanation of how owned media, earned media, and paid media work together to enhance digital marketing efforts.

More Digital Marketing Fun to Come in 2018

As your content marketing consultants, nothing makes us happier than being able to share all this knowledge with you via a few witty blog posts every month. Stay tuned in 2018 for even more digital marketing news and tips on growing your web presence. Happy New Year!

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