Why Leaves Change Color and Why Web Presence Management Isn’t Enough

yellow fall leaf

From fall to winter, the web marketing maze sheds its former strategies and revamps for a noisy season. Leaves and color schemes change so should your web presence marketing.

It’s cool (no pun intended), though. We’re here to help. So sit back and relax.

Do you know why leaves change color? Here goes a crash course in photosynthesis. That green color you see in most leaves (except in Vegas-hey ho!) comes from chlorophyll. This chemical helps the photosynthesis process. For photosynthesis to work, leaves need light. The less light, the less vibrancy of chlorophyll, hence, the lack of green in a leaf. Why do other colors emerge? Since the green is less vibrant, hues pre-existing in certain types of leaves will become more prominent.

Okay, okay. Let’s move on. How does this apply to your web presence management? There are a couple of things we can learn from autumn and winter that will help your web presence management and growth.

Stage one: Less “evergreen” and more evergreen

Throughout most of the year, you have a typical strategy you may implement for your business online. This is what some may call “evergreen” posts. This is the strategy you lean on most of the year. The evergreen tree (aka the Christmas Tree) has the same color of leaves all year long. But, with a noisy time year, it’s time to change those same colored posts and make something fresh. What can you provide, product or service, that will make you stand out?

Like Starbuck’s indelible red cups, make your new product or service promotion stand out.

Stage Two: Time to Let Your Other Colors Shine

You’ve been promoting the same thing all year long. Take a second, look at your inventory. What valuable service, or product, do you offer? Give it the voice it needs. This product or service may not be as popular throughout the rest of the year (coats and sleds, for example), and now is the time to brush off those cobwebs and bring out those new hues. And stuff your web presence with engaging content and an extra bit of sass.

Stage Three: Make Room for the New

The holidays also mean one other important thing, other than stress, family and lots of shopping. A new year. A fresh start. It’s a time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t, to shed the old market research and reevaluate. What worked? What didn’t? Also, you can take the time to see what opportunities will benefit your company like Twitter’s moments or even the ongoing results of Google’s Rank Brain. Whatever the web presence management, it always has room to grow, and the best web presence management is always growing.

This isn’t the last time you’ll here about what you may or not be doing wrong with your web presence management. When we say your web presence management isn’t enough, we mean that your web presence marketing needs management AND growth.

Whatever the roadblock, we always want to help. Give us a call on your fancy flip phone or smartphone or send us an email to learn more web presence marketing mojo.

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