Why Keywords Matter to Your Web Marketing

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In the first phase of a business’s web presence marketing campaign, we research 50 to thousands of keywords related to your industry and implement those keywords in every part of your campaign. These keywords will also be used in search engine optimization.

Since keywords are such a big part of any web presence marketing campaign, it’s important to understand what keywords are and their vitality to online visibility. Here are some answers to some key questions about keywords:

What exactly are keywords?

Keywords are the words and phrases central to what your business is as a whole as well as keywords in relation to your business’s sphere. In other words, keywords are the words most commonly used to find your company online. For example, if someone is looking for portable storage for their move, your potential audience would be searching for “portable storage.” Here, “portable storage” is the keyword for this particular business.

Are there different types of keywords?

There are different types of keywords and some have more value than others. Broad keywords are difficult to rank under. “Storage” is a broad keyword, but “portable storage in Las Vegas,” a long-tail phrase, is more specific and easier to achieve ranking for. Typically, if you’re starting your own keyword research, it’s a best practice to focus on specific areas of your business that have less competition.

Can keywords help?

Of course! There’s a reason we spend the first phase of a campaign researching keywords. We research the keywords that will help you rank in the search engines as well as keywords that are ultimately the foundation of a well-optimized website. Keywords, too, have the potential to drive quality content strategies.

All in all, keywords are gallons of fuel that will help your online presence take off.

Understanding keywords are the bricks to building a web presence. Our goal at Post Launch is to provide a thorough marketing research strategy, ensuring premier web presence and brand awareness. We spend the time and effort so you can concentrate on things you enjoy the most about your business. Contact us today to talk about ways we can help increase your web presence through keyword research.

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