The Post Launch Crew is comprised of diversely intelligent and highly creative (and even SOMETIMES “wacky”) individuals, hailing from many different backgrounds and areas of expertise. The common thread is we’re all driven by curiosity and ceaseless creativity.

These hardworking individuals, independently and collectively, strive to deliver a world-class web presence marketing experience for our clients. At Post Launch, our “success” is a culmination of our clients’ successes, and this incredible team works tirelessly to make that philosophy a reality.

WARNING: Post Launch bios were written by all crew members on behalf of their comrades. That being said, some of the information may be hilarious…


Geoffrey Radcliffe

Mission Controller

Geoffrey Radcliffe is a man on a mission… everyday. Whether the mission is to overhaul a client’s marketing strategy or to boost morale at our headquarters by running around in a unicorn mask, Geoff takes each mission seriously and always delivers. It’s fitting that Post Launch has a flight theme because Geoff blasts off with a new mission every single day.

Rick Budd


Rick is our Chief Financial Officer who oversees the financial operations, payroll, human resources, and toilet cleaning. He lives off polo shirts, new shoes, and office memos. Geoff brought Rick to Post Launch in February 2014.


Trevor Mears

Digital Ninja & SEO Strategist

Is there anything Trevor can’t do? Seriously. He has a specialty and/or knowledge in almost every industry. His vast mastery makes the team question if they really know anything at all. In spite of his invariable capabilities, Trevor is actually stitched together by his passion for music. His caffeine is composed of chords and notes, driving him to be an excellent digital media manager  and web whiz.


Angela Wilson

Assistant Editor and Digital Content Creator

When Angela Wilson (aka Angie) is behind the wheel, you know work will get done. Hailing from the great state of Georgia, Angie began her professional career teaching Las Vegas students before jumping ship to digital marketing. With her Type A (“a” for awesome) personality, Angie constantly organizes, edits and zips through work to keep Post Launch operating smoothly. When not at the office kicking butt, she spends time with her family and adoring Ronald Weasley.

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Michelle Castro

Mission Strategist: Research & Analysis in charge of Data and Results

(Ms. R.A.D.A.R.)

Michelle works tirelessly to serve and support our clients. We know she’s great at her job simply because she loves helping people sell their brand. A world traveler, Michelle is all about experiencing new things and helping clients do something exciting with their campaigns. Michelle’s a fit runner who loves taking pictures. Focused on positivity, Michelle is always smiling and putting a positive spin on whatever the Creative Division encounters. Her infectious laugh floods the Post Launch office daily. And her motto? “Team spirit, all day everyday.”

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Jae Miller-Gonzales

Mission Strategist: Research & Analysis in charge of Data and Results
(Ms. R.A.D.A.R.)

Jae is not your average content marketing strategist. She’s is a dedicated, hardworking Supermom who will come into work alert and enthusiastic—even after having eight screws placed in her broken ankle. Jae’s bubbly persona and experience with people helps her develop a digital marketing strategy that works for each of her client’s industries and target audiences. Alliteration with the letter “J” runs throughout her family (husband James and their sons Jax and Jace). They do everything together, from dressing up as Mortal Kombat characters, to playing basketball, and their involvement in the Las Vegas community. Jae is a ball of sunshine Post Launch couldn’t survive without.

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Theo Babajanian

Business Development Manager

For your business to board our rocket ship, you have to go through Theo first. He helps our clients understand how we help grow their web presence. He’s also responsible for helping expand our efforts, as he handles our internal marketing strategies. When he isn’t kicking butt in the marketing realm, Theo is taking names at the gym as a trainer, or he’s on the basketball court. Theo doesn’t just stay indoors for his workouts though—he also enjoys hiking beautiful areas like Red Rock. Theo is a proud foodie, so the next time you’re looking for the best local eateries, give him a shout. Alright!

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Diana Garcia

Creative Agent

Like a fine wine or a good book, you can’t really tell how dynamic Diana is until you get to see her in her element at work. Diana deftly balances the creation of engaging content with a dynamic digital and graphics design background to help give our clients a presence and a brand voice they can be proud of. When she’s not flexing her design skills digitally, Diana crafts with the best of them and even sells her creations online! Crotchet, you stay! Diana also loves a good Netflix binge-watching session, especially if Archer or Bob’s Burgers is on the queue.

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Kasey Fox

Creative Agent

Kasey is the debonair twin of Iron Fist—but more intriguing is his fun, informative, and engaging content he creates for Post Launch clients. Kasey state-jumped from Utah to California before eventually landing in Las Vegas. His passion for film and script writing provides a “foxy-ness” to our team’s collective creative efforts. Although he isn’t as vocal as the rest of the Launchers, his witty one-liners provide around-the-office smiles. Kasey loves writing so much, that’s what you’ll find him doing even when he’s not creating SEO optimized content. Well that…or wishing he was best friends with George Clooney.

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“These are the people that make the internet” – Post Launch CEO, Geoffrey Radcliffe