The Post Launch Crew is comprised of diversely intelligent and highly creative (and even SOMETIMES “wacky”) individuals, hailing from many different backgrounds and areas of expertise. The common thread is we’re all driven by curiosity and ceaseless creativity.

These hardworking individuals, independently and collectively, strive to deliver a world-class web presence marketing experience for our clients. At Post Launch, our “success” is a culmination of our clients’ successes, and this incredible team works tirelessly to make that philosophy a reality.

WARNING: Post Launch bios were written by all crew members on behalf of their comrades. That being said, some of the information may be hilarious…


Geoffrey Radcliffe

Mission Controller, CEO

Geoff loves to hear the chuckle of his team after he just told lame joke after lame joke. After a stupid amount of time in the marketing and business development field, Geoff first began Post Launch in the garage of downtown Las Vegas where the smell of feces wafted from all corners. Through perseverance (and a butt load of air freshener) he has made his way to the big leagues of marketing in Las Vegas. You can find him complaining about the lack of skateboards in the office or wearing the kind of sunglasses that make him look like he’s always on spring break. Geoff is the current office record holder of the longest CVS receipt (where he does all his grocery shopping), and is obsessed with knick-knacks you stumble upon on Amazon Prime.

Rick Budd

Financial Controller

Rick is our Financial Controller who oversees the financial operations, payroll, human resources, and structure. Geoff brought Rick to Post Launch in February 2014.


Trevor Mears

Digital Ninja & SEO Strategist, (DIoNySuS)

He’s the go-to man for anything, a natural pro at everything. The jack of all trades, master of most. He’s Trevor, Digital Media Manager and badass SEO Ninja here at Post Launch. Trevor was born in Huntington Beach, California, but moved to Las Vegas at a young age after his family was taken by Death Eaters. True story, please don’t ask him about it. Trevor grew up getting deeply into music, becoming his own master music creator and producer. For Trevor, music is more than just a hobby—it’s his passion. When he’s not at Post Launch saving the day, you can safely assume he’s creating musical magic and blowing minds.


Angela Wilson

Quantum Controller, Project Manager

Angie grew up in Atlanta with a family full of educators. After studying Creative Writing at Georgia State, she carried on the trend and started teaching. We’re forever in debt to Teach for America for bringing our lovely Angie to Las Vegas, (even though we stole her from them). As Project Manager, she makes sure everything is operating correctly throughout the team and has earned the nickname, “The Guardian of Tasks.” Angie’s a mother of four kids: a handsome fellow named Kai, a husky, a cat, and her husband, Garrett. In between bouts of obsessing over Donald Glover, she sometimes writes. Be on the lookout for her in the Amazon Best Sellers section.

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Cassie Willis

Mission Strategist: Research & Analysis in charge of Data and Results, (Ms. R.A.D.A.R.)

Harkening from the lush land of Oregon, Cassie moved to the lush land of cacti in early 2017 where her illustrious background in sales has helped inform her position as a Client Experience Officer here at Post Launch. When she isn’t kicking butt and taking names in the digital space and cultivating client relations, Cassie doddles in Magic, reading Laurell K. Hamilton, and planning her adventures to distant countries (first stop: Japan!). Cassie hails from a small town of 1,000 but her dreams are as wide as her horizons she prepares to conquer.

Theo Babajanian

Business Development Manager

Theo is an Armenian fitness buff with a passion for food—all kinds. He’s traveled to many places (Dubai, Germany, France, and more), yet his favorite foods are still the American classics: pizza and burgers. Theo loves playing basketball and watching football (RIP to his favorite team, the Patriots). From a young age, he loved watching commercials, which led him to a passion for marketing and entrepreneurship. At Post Launch, you’ll catch him onboarding new clients and dashing to networking events in his fancy new Audi. Or, making the meanest toasted sub on this side of the galaxy.

Jae Miller-Gonzales

Creative Agent

Call her Jae, Jen, or Jennifer—just don’t call her uninspired. She is Hawaiian by birth, but Texan by culture. When she isn’t taking extra care of her clients as a Jen-uwine (see what I did there) Client Experience Officer, she is spending her time with her dynamic family, dominating the basketball court, or sticking her head into her favorite John Maxwell book. Jen has major #LifeGoals of changing the world and inspiring others with her future media company and successful nonprofit organization. Want to know how to make this girl happy? Bring on the Baker’s dozen of donuts!

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“These are the people that make the internet” – Post Launch CEO, Geoffrey Radcliffe