When Google Drive Goes Down: A Web Presence Marketing Tale of Woe

old mac computer

Throwback to last Friday, October 9, a day that will go down in infamy for the marketing masterminds at the Post Launch web presence marketing headquarters.

Google Drive began to do more of a dribble than a drive early in the day. Just around lunch time, as though sensing the impending lackadaisical weekend and the remains of the quiet Friday afternoon, Google Drive went down for the count completely.

And the web presence marketing movers of the web-verse around the world noticed.

For some of us, we had to return to the age before Google Docs, brushing the cobwebs off our Microsoft Word application.

Here’s some back story about Google Drive: Google Drive is a place to store documents, media and spreadsheets. This place of storage allows for users to share, store and create any content for their particular interest or business. It’s a useful tool many industries use, so when the file storage service sinks, so do people’s hearts.

After the unfortunate incident, Google Drive reported:

#FridayFeeling to say the least.

Just because our day slows down because of Google and it’s imperfections, doesn’t mean we slow down. If collaboration is put on hold because of Google Doc’s shortcomings, the Post Launch web presence marketing team had the opportunity to discuss branding opportunities for our clients. Plus, curating content on Twitter is always a blast.


We’re passionate about the Internet and web presence marketing, even on the bad days. Don’t let Google get you down, let us deal with your online visibility ventures so you can start weekends with peace of mind.

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