All I want for Christmas is to be on the First Page of Google

Google on Christmas present from Post Launch internet marketing

Every business wants to be on the first page of Google. We know this because lots of money is spent getting ads on the first page of Google every year. But ranking on the first page of Google is not a single shot game. There are many different marketing methods you can and should utilize for your internet marketing campaigns and dreams of reaching the first page of Google.

Before we begin, we feel it’s important to—again—make clear that no one can really promise you the Google first page guaranteed. It’s a hard game to play, and success doesn’t come easy unless you spend a lot of money up front and a use long-term marketing strategy. As mentioned before, there are many internet marketing techniques to use to get your website ranking on Google. Here, we will talk about the top four marketing methods you need to make your website appear on the first page of Google.

4 Must Have Internet Marketing Methods to Get on the First Page of Google

1. Create original, timely and keyword rich content consistently—content marketing

Content marketing is the meat and bones of internet marketing. You cannot have a successful website that ranks high on Google without good quality content posted on that site. Content doesn’t just mean words either. Use images and videos that match your content and are unique to your business. Provide value through your content and add keywords so others can find you. Then, both the Google bots and your audience will notice and bump up your Google rankings by simply looking at your site.

2. Add keyword rich domain name, meta tags, and headers—search engine optimization

Adding keyword rich content is great, but users won’t see it if the website is not properly search engine optimized. Doing small things to every page, like adding meta tag descriptions and keywords to the headers and URL, will help Google read what your website is about. Google will give it more authority under those keywords and hopefully, if it’s done right, the right keywords will lead to the right audience finding you easily.

3. Join the conversation—link building and social media marketing

Getting on the first page of Google does not work without getting involved with other online users in the same space as you. The first way to do this is through link building. Link building refers to getting backlinks to your website from other high authority sites. A good way to do this is with guest blogging on other blogs in your industry. Also, reach out to others in the same space and offer to do some cross promotion with links. But remember that link building only works with other quality websites. Spam links won’t work.

A second way to join the online conversation is with social media. Millions of people are active on social media, and it’s high time your business joins the conversation if it hasn’t already. Using social media to increase your website rankings will only work if you are engaging with your social media, not just posting to it.

4. Learn how to use Google—like, really well

You cannot expect to land on the first page of Google without knowing how to use the search engine platform. Google has worked hard to provide a seamless user experience across its platform. In order to be successful on Google, take advantage of its analytics tools, keyword searching tools, Google trends, maps and more. If you want to get on the first page of Google ASAP, Google AdWords are a good way to go, but you have to pay to play. And for some of the more competitive keywords, like Las Vegas lawyer, using Google AdWords can get pretty pricey over the long run. So utilizing Google’s other tools may be the most cost effective.

At Post Launch, we don’t promise the first page of Google. What we do promise is a higher web presence, more website traffic, and better conversion rates. And let’s face it; at the end of the day, all we really want for Christmas is more success.

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