Vegas Startups 2015: Who is Still in Business?


This time last year, The Founders Grid posted a blog about 50 Vegas startups that people should get to know. Post Launch was honored to be part of this list, next to recent Vegas startup greats such as the Downtown Project and VegasTechFund.

Now, a year later, we asked which of these 50 Vegas startups are still in business and thriving in the Vegas community.

Vegas Startups Still in Business – The Biggies

– Downtown Project – As mentioned above, this Vegas startup is thriving in Downtown Las Vegas. Their goal is to make Downtown Las Vegas a place of inspiration, and they have been doing just that for the past few years. DTLV companies they invest in and own include the Downtown Container Park, Gold Spike, Turntable Health, the Bunkhouse Saloon, EAT, Hydrant Club, the Perch and much more.

 VegasTechFund – Operating as the million-dollar investment arm of Downtown Project, VegasTechFund invests “capital and sweat” into commerce, technology and similar companies in Vegas.

– Turntable Health – This business is determined to provide better healthcare in a new way. They’ve been making a splash in the downtown Las Vegas scene and more and more people are learning about them through local word-of-mouth.

– Life is Beautiful – This Vegas festival gained a lot of popularity in its short time here. The next Life is Beautiful festival will happen September 23 through 25, 2016, and pre-sale tickets are already sold out.

– YouTronix – This smart Vegas startup is geared towards making your ideas come to life. Simply put, you dream it and they will build it. This Vegas startup has been growing fast and has team members in both California and Nevada.

– Downtown Podcast – This local Vegas podcast is what you would get “if TED produced a talk show.” Many local Vegas business owners and innovators have made an appearance on this popular show, which now has a total of over 100 episodes.

– Post Launch – Post Launch is still the largest SEO/digital marketing firm in Las Vegas, and it is now in a renascence phase of business. With a new office and double the staff, 2015 was a big year for Post Launch, and 2016 is looking even better. If you are looking for web presence marketing, Post Launch can offer a wide range of customizable, digital marketing services that can help your business.

Vegas Startups Out of Business or Changed

  • Crowdhall
  • JobHive
  • Teamly
  • ALICE Receptionist
  • PetChow

With only a handful of startups out of business and most of the startups continuing to thrive in the Vegas business community, our local economy is finally showing improvement. Local companies making it big in Vegas will continue to improve our Las Vegas scene and its entrepreneurship. If we all continue to support local business in Vegas, these Vegas startups will continue to boost the local Vegas economy and culture – helping out local business owners across the Vegas valley.

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