Using Social Media Video Ads to Your Brand’s Advantage

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If you’re considering starting ads for your brand online, that’s great! But, you should know some tactics are way more successful at getting conversions than others. Check out what we’ve seen in recent social media video ads and what you should be implementing in your next campaign.

The Digital World Is Pay to Win

Like many digital marketers out there, we’ve told you loads of times that content is king—which is true. However, the content you publish on your site and social media profiles is merely the foundation on which the rest of your digital marketing efforts, like advertising, builds upon.

The online marketplace is getting more and more saturated, and brands are learning that it takes a little more moolah to stand out above the rest. So, after you create great content, launch your site, and shoot out a few social media posts, it’s time to look at social media advertising for that extra boost.

There are currently countless places online where you can spend your hard-earned dollars to increase your chances of reaching new and past customers. You can start with Google Display ads, or you can venture into the ever-popular world of social on platforms like:

  • YouTube Preroll
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest even!

The platform you choose for your ads depends greatly on who your target audience is and where they’re scrolling online. For instance, if your website features yarn and crochet craft materials, you’d probably have a better chance of getting conversions through Pinterest ads than on LinkedIn.

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Ads Campaigns That Work? Targeted Video Content

We’ve recently been seeing brands take new, creative takes on social media advertising that pose great opportunities for your brand to follow suit.

Instagram ads are a great place to create micro videos. These 5, 10, or 15-second clips are easy to consume—they barely interrupt your news feed scrolling. And what makes these videos even more successful is hyper-targeting the content within to appeal to your target customer.

We all know social media can collect data about your demographics, the things you Like and engage with online, and more. These pieces of data help brands like yours with persona development, which is understanding who’s most likely to engage with your brand and make a purchase.

It starts with some of these questions:

  • Is your audience mainly female or male?
  • What age is your audience?
  • What does the household look like? Kids? Married? Pets?
  • What are their hobbies and interests?
  • What places do they frequent in their local area? Or do they travel a lot?

Answering these questions and more allows you to create great micro video advertisements, like this one we saw from Wells Fargo. (Well, it caught Geoff on his feed.)

corgi in snow ad

This short social media video ad featured a cute little Corgi frolicking in the snow, and displayed a message that encouraged users to talk to a Wells Fargo agent about new home mortgages—“for you both.”

As adorable as this ad is, (and as little as its literal meaning has to do with the service), it was hyper-targeted really well. See, Geoff just recently got a puppy for his daughters for Christmas, and he’s a homeowner. Wells was able to take his data and create content just for him, and it worked. While Mr. Radcliffe isn’t going to immediately jump up and purchase a new home from Wells Fargo, he hasn’t stopped talking about this ad since he saw it.

Before, he never really associated Wells Fargo with home loans. He now remembers this ad and will probably mention it to his home-buying friends in the future. See, for an ad—or any digital media—to be memorable, there has to be a tug at the heartstrings. It has to appeal to the emotions of the audience to really trigger a response.

So, when you’re developing online content for that target audience you’re studying, make sure to take into consideration what their wants, needs, and desires are. Give them what they want in short, sweet chunks, and they’ll be sure to remember your brand’s name.

Get the Advertising Help You Need

It’s time to face the facts—to be successful online, you have to start implementing an ads budget into your digital marketing. Talk to the pros at Post Launch and we’ll put together some heart-tugging content your potential audience will love.

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