Using the Rodney Dangerfield Effect for Web Presence Marketing

Using the Rodney Dangerfield Effect for Web Presence Marketing

Hi, I’m Anne E., and I’m the Mission Editor at Post Launch.

Right now, we’re going to talk about the Rodney Dangerfield Effect and how you can use it in your SEO (in Las Vegas) or in your overall web presence marketing.

Rodney Dangerfield Effect for Web Presence Marketing


First, who the heck is Rodney Dangerfield?

Rodney Dangerfield was a popular comedian in the 70s for his infamous catchphrase, “I don’t get no respect.” Wow. That was an awful impression.

Picture of Rodney Dangerfield star in Hollywood.

What is the Rodney Dangerfield effect?

Rodney Dangerfield had some excellent catchphrases. The idea, however, is how memorable his lines were. Its effect is that it sticks with you.

What does this mean for your digital or web presence marketing?

Picture of BuzzFeed headline for SEO value.

Headlines. Singular sentences. Catchy catch phrases. These can separate your marketing online from the other noise if you have voice and a message that rises above the best. They say, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” They also say, “I ain’t got no time for that.”

What do you do? You make your blog titles clear and concise. You make your message attainable through a first impression. People nowadays are either:

  1. too busy
  2. too lazy

Why do people like fast food? Because it’s delicious. And because it’s fast and convenient.

Another aspect to this “effect” is it’s shock or unique value. If it’s clever, easy to consume, and convenient to share, your message will go further.

Image of web presence marketing terms. Coming up with a clever social media or digital marketing campaign chock full of clever one liners that stick isn’t easy for business man or woman. That’s why we’re here. We love this stuff. We’re super nerds about this stuff.

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