Using Facebook Video for Your Digital Marketing


You may think that you are too boring to put a video on Facebook. We are here to tell you just how wrong that it is.

The truth is this: What is interesting to you will be interesting to your audience, too. So take the time and take the chance to put yourself on video. It doesn’t have to go viral to be successful.


Video marketing is an effective marketing technique. Over 50% of marketers worldwide say that video is the number one type of content that brings them the most Return on Investment (ROI). More people are watching a Facebook video than ever before with the amount of average daily video views reaching 8 billion by the end of November 2015.

Go ahead and take the time to record yourself saying something about your business/industry that is interesting to you.

Potential topics you can talk about:

– Answering client questions
– Answering Frequently Asked Questions
– Talking about industry updates and news
– Discussing the newest product/service addition to your business
– Talking about the value your business brings to your customers/clients

Talk about what’s interesting to you and it will be interesting to your audience, too, guaranteed. Remember: Keep it short (no one wants to listen to you talk for more than a couple minutes on Facebook) and be informative. Give value to your video content and it will go further.

Here are few tips to keep in mind developing your Facebook video marketing campaigns:

– Provide value to your audience. Be informative, not salesy.
– Pin your video content to the top of your business page. People will see it first when they visit your page.
– Record more video. Your audience is more inclined to watch your video content than read text. Give the people what they want.
– Communicate a message. Avoid bothering your fans with promotional nonsense, which can get annoying really quick. Give them a message and they will be more likely to listen.
– Be consistent. Don’t go long periods of time in silence on your Facebook page. Keep your audience engaged with consistent video, image and text content, and you will start to see your audience grow.

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