Twitter 101 for Real Estate Marketing and Lead Generation

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Are you using Twitter for real estate marketing and lead generation? Don’t miss out on an entire space of potential hot leads. Discover a few good-to-know secrets of the Twitter marketing world and use three actionable tips to effectively market your business through Twitter and get a lead today!

Twitter bird marketingTwitter is an incredibly effective tool for online marketing, social media marketing and lead generation. Why? Twitter is, above all else, a search engine. If you want to make money with Twitter, you better start treating it like a search engine. Which leads us to our first tip:

1. Go to the search bar at the top right corner and search for the query: “moving to Las Vegas.”

Twitter is a breaking news platform. People love to talk about themselves and what they find interesting, and Twitter is the perfect platform for this. People who just bought a dog, got tickets to their favorite show, and plan to move to or from Las Vegas are announcing it on Twitter. No matter how big or small, users on Twitter are tweeting about the stuff they find interesting to them and their lives, which is great news for your social media marketing strategy.

Breaking News and Twitter Marketing

What do we consider news? The truth is what news is to you may not be news to me. But, you can utilize the Twitter search engine algorithm to find the news that is most interesting to you—like people moving to Las Vegas.

Google searching featureNews is what you make of it. News is what’s going to be important and relevant to you and your business today. Whether it’s positive or negative, we all have news. People love to spill their news on social media, particularly Twitter, making them extremely accessible.

Now why is that important? Google picks up a tweet within an hour, typically. If you tweet about something that is relevant, Google is going to pick that up. If you tweet about a house that just hit the market, Google will pick that up when someone is searching for that property. And if that link is tracked back to you, you are the person they are going to call for more information on that property.

Mike Ferry preaches cold calling, but with the advent of social media, you don’t have to spend a lot of time cold calling if you spend a little time on social media finding leads already hot. With Twitter marketing, you don’t have to cold call people because you can find warm or even hot leads right on your own browser, simply by searching “moving to Las Vegas.”

Many tweets tweeting on TwitterThere are, on average, 10 people an hour saying “moving to las vegas” on Twitter. Reach out to these people to connect. Keep it simple, without pressure or sales pitches. Provide yourself as a resource for what their needs may be, whether it’s buying a house, hiring a moving company, or anything else. Take this opportunity to reach into your Rolodex and be that go-to person someone moving to Las Vegas needs.

Better yet, flip it. Search for people “leaving las vegas.” How many people are sick of living here and they want to move out? They need a real estate agent. They need someone to help move their home, sell their home, and need assistance in other areas.

So if you do nothing else, go back to your desk and create a Twitter account. Then just type in “moving to Las Vegas”  to see what you get. Scroll through and engage with people that are in that space to immediately improve your real estate marketing efforts.

Whether you are on Twitter, Facebook or any other social platform, it’s important to remember that you are unique in your space. Take the chance to position yourself as a thought leader online, reaching not only potential buyers but other realtors as well.

Position Yourself as Thought Leader through Social Media Marketing

You can position yourself as a thought leader online easily. It’s not just about breaking news, but it’s about doing it in a fresh and creative way that truly gives your audience what they want. Which leads to the second actionable tip to try:

2. Create videos to market your properties.

Creating video for Twitter marketing

Take 5 minutes, find a listing, put yourself on camera and record yourself talking about that listing. Post it on YouTube and share it on Twitter, Facebook, and all your other social platforms. Discuss items that the buyers will be most interested in. Does the house have hardwood floors, remodeled kitchen, swimming pool in the back, freshly painted rooms? Discuss the details and you will provide valuable content to your audience—all for only about 5 minutes of work.

Google, which owns YouTube, will pick up these YouTube videos. So when someone drives by that new listing and looks it up, your video describing the listing will be there. Throw in the link to your website and people will follow the link straight back to you. It’s authoritative because its original content, and it will live online forever if you want it to.

Before you jump right into video creation, take the time to follow our third tip to generate leads on Twitter:

3. Connect with online influencers.

Twitter bird influencers Online influencers are those with large online audiences. From followers to likes, these social media marketing people can reach a large audience online. And we bet that you know at least one of them. You never really know who you know that has a huge following until you start paying attention. Follow these people and ask them to post a message on your behalf.

But don’t just follow the influencers you know, follow every single media influencer in Las Vegas while you’re at it. In this day and age, there is no reason to hide behind your brand. No reason to shelter yourself. Take the time to find the influencers from your local city’s media groups and influencers in your industry. From newspapers, to online magazines, to television, every single media organization has a Twitter account, and you need to be following them to start positioning yourself as the thought leader you are.

Three actionable tips to generate a Twitter Marketing lead:

  1. Search for “moving to las vegas” in the Twitter search engine.

  2. Record and post videos to market your properties.

    1. Don’t overproduce it—keep it simple.
    2. Record it straight from your laptop or phone.
    3. Keep each video 60-90 seconds. People have short attention spans.
  3. Find and follow local influencers in your network, industry and local media.

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