Top Social Media Makeovers in 2016

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Social media marketing is always evolving, and it’s up to web presence marketing companies like Post Launch to keep track of these updates, just to make sure you’re getting the most out of your social media profiles. Check out some of the biggest social platform evolutions that happened in 2016, and see how they can work for your digital marketing efforts.

Social Media Advancements in 2016


Facebook Live: Similar to apps like Periscope, Facebook now gives you the option to “go live” and broadcast live video to your feed. It’s a great tool to use with social media marketing when you’ve got an event going on or when you’re having an exciting day at the office you’d like your audience to witness.

Virtual reality: Let’s face it: VR is here to stay (at least for a few years). Facebook took to the new fad last year by integrating the social media platform into the Oculus rift with 360 panoramic pictures and videos and other VR content. Facebook actually purchased the Oculus just before announcing this.


Change in character count: You’re probably thinking “Finally!” But it’s not quite as it sounds. Sadly, you’re still limited to posts of less than 140 characters. However, GIFS, videos, images, and other media will no longer reduce your character count. (More meme-friendly is never a bad thing.) Using images in social posts is one of the most efficient SEO strategies to increase reach and engagement.


New messaging system: LinkedIn, the more professional sibling within the social media marketing family, has scrapped its old email-like message exchanger and replaced it with a more instant system. Now, you sit and chat with your professional connections like they’re your buddies.

Usage of skills: Those skills you have listed on your LinkedIn profile. What do they do besides provide you with gloating rights? Well now, it’s much more clear! Recruiters can now find you much easier based on your skills.


Business profiles: In this free feature, profiles can be recognized as businesses. With this profile type, you’ll be given insights to your account, allowing you the tools to analyze who your followers are, which posts get the most reach, and more. That way, you can create more relevant content based on the demographic that interacts with your posts. This feature also allows customers to contact your business through the push of a button within the app.

Instagram stories: Similar to Snapchat, this feature of Instagram allows you to update your audience with live, short, disappearing photos and videos. It’s a new way to reach your audience and give them the behind the scenes view of your business or preview new products and services that aren’t yet on the market.


Snap Ads between stories: Businesses can now purchase ads to appear between Snappers’ stories. These ads are skippable, and they don’t interrupt any user’s story, but it’s a great way for businesses to reach a wider audience. Users can swipe up on your business content, and you can either send them to watch another extended video or to install your app.

Sponsored GeoFilter: You can also purchase GeoFilters for your area, which users can add to their Snap Stories, share with their friends, and in turn, raise brand awareness for your company.

Live Events: When you post on Snapchat through a business account, you can post live Snaps featuring events you’re taking part in, just like with Facebook Live. This gives your audience the “in” on the event, even if they’re not there with you.

With all these updates, you’re sure to be giving your audience the best updates as to what’s going on with your business. They’ll refuse to put their phones down because they love it so much.

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Social Media Marketing Tips from Post Launch

These social media advancements from 2016 show just how many ways you can reach your audience online. If this all seems overwhelming to you, have no fear. The Post Launch team can help you work through a successful social media marketing strategy for 2017. Contact us today.

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