Tips to Increase Your Social Media Presence and Web Presence

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Everyone knows how important social media is for business. It increases brand awareness, gets your product/service in front of new potential customers and helps search engine optimization. While most companies know the importance of social media, what most companies don’t know is how to use social media effectively and how to use social media to increase online presence.

Increase your web presence with a few tips for social media:

Social Media Tips to Increase Web Presence

Complete your profile

While this may seem like a silly tip, the truth is most company profiles and business pages are left half completed. This incompletion causes a whole slew of people to leave your profile without knowing and understanding who you are as a business.

That being said, don’t just post any cover or profile photo. Completed profiles should include quality images for both the profile photo and the cover photo. Include your company’s logo in at least one of these images so the social profile is consistent with your website. A complete profile also includes a completed bio, which should be keyword rich so users can find you when they search for you. Leaving your bio and/or images blank relays a blank message to your audience, not a very good first impression.

Make your first impression complete by completing your profile.

Consistency is key

No matter what you post to your company’s social media, the most important thing to remember is consistency. If you don’t post consistently, you will not accurately determine which posts work and which posts should remain drafts. If you do post consistently, you can begin to build your audience organically and see which posts they respond to the most. To help you stay consistent, consider creating a weekly social media calendar so you can schedule out ahead of time.

Join the conversation

The most successful brand social media accounts are not simply talking at people, they talk with people and join relevant conversations. Whether this includes engaging your audience through conversational posts and responding to reviews, or actually reaching out to real people and commenting on their posts, making your company personable on social media will increase your followers significantly.

In order to engage your audience properly, you want to be where they are and talk about the things they want to talk about. People don’t want to see an endless stream of ads on their social media accounts, they want to see conversations and posts they may be interested in. Be that interesting post and your audience will engage. Thank followers for engaging, and they will feel appreciated. And everyone likes to feel appreciated.

Share your social media presence

If your social media accounts are not listed on your website, what are you doing?! Your social profiles should all be interconnected and connected with your website. Anyone who visits your website or any other social media page should be able to easily access your business on every social platform in which your company exists.

If you have a store-front property, your social media profiles should be easily seen so anyone visiting your store can hop on their smartphone and follow you right away. If your company creates flyers for events or upcoming promotions, your social media profiles should also be listed in these flyers. Get in front of people so they know you exist. They can’t follow your business if they don’t know you exist.

Create creatively

With billions of people on social media these days, it is easy to get lost in all the social noise. One way you can stand out is coming up with creative posts or innovative campaigns. People want to be entertained on social media, so entertain them with funny and interesting content. But, you don’t have to be contentious to be creative. Someone will always find offense with a post that others find funny, but that doesn’t mean you should go out of your way to find controversial posts. Always consider others’ opinions when creating the uniquely disputable posts to your brand.

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