This Just In: What’s Happening in Digital Marketing Fall 2017

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How often do you catch up with digital marketing news? Not too often? You’re in luck. The nerds over here at Post Launch love subscribing to many, many industry newsletters. (So much to read, so little time, amiright?) To help you out a bit, we decided to put some interesting stuff together for you to enjoy—and hopefully start implementing in your online marketing strategy.

What’s Up with Digital Marketing: Fall 2017

It’s official: Instagram Stories is #winning

Snapchat vs. Instagram stories—this year’s big rivalry. It’s like the social media guru’s Batman vs. Superman; Dodgers vs. Giants; Star Wars vs. Star Trek—you get it. Well, a recent study showed that influencers have made up their minds, and Instagram Stories is coming out on top.

Since its launch in August 2016, Instagram Stories has been trying to keep up with Snapchat’s disappearing photos and videos feature. And, it’s been doing pretty well. Over its first year, Instagram Stories has gained 250 million users, while Snapchat has around 173 million. More marketers and social media influencers have stopped using Snapchat and switching to Instagram Stories instead.

In fact, according to Hubspot, “Influencers shared twice as many stories on Instagram as on Snapchat.”

And who’s to blame these influencers? Instagram offers more tools for businesses, and many influencers said they made the switch because it’s more genuine and “unpolished.”

See you on Instagram. 😉

instagram stories

Improving user experience with Google Q&A

Is your business on Google My Business? You should be on Google My Business. We can’t stress enough how important it is for your business to be utilizing this tool. Seriously.

Anyway, in search engine news, verified Google My Business accounts now have the capability to add and answer frequently asked customer questions. The big Internet Kings started testing this feature in August. Users can ask questions about a business, and hopefully have them answered right in Google Maps.

However, like all user-generated content, it can affect your online reputation. To start using this tool, monitor and respond to questions like you would with reviews. Anyone can answer the questions. So, as the business owner, it’s best to login to your account, answer the prompted sample questions, and respond to any new user questions so people can get the most accurate information.

Thanks for always keeping it fresh, Google.

Facebook’s new tool to redesign your ads based on varying audiences

Alright, next we have some digital marketing news that I think everyone can enjoy—updates to Facebook Ads Manager!

Introducing: the Dynamic Creative Tool. Marketers, with the help of Facebook, can now create dynamic ads that change based on the user who sees it and where it pops up. You simply add multiple options for the aspects of an ad, like an image, headline, call to action, and more.

Then, Facebook will automatically create thousands of different combinations of your ad with the various media you provided. Their algorithm will supposedly choose the best option for an ad to show specific demographics of users in your target audience.

The future is now!

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