Things to Offer in Exchange for an Email Address

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Something you must always keep in mind when it comes to email marketing automation is that many people don’t want their inboxes filling up with things they don’t care about. And who can blame them? We just gotta have those email marketing leads, though.

So this puts us in an interesting place: where can we find a happy medium? How can we make our mail recipients feel good about us having them on our list? Here are some email signup incentives that can help you grow your email list.

Email Signup Incentives to Help You Get More Leads

Marketing automation is online software that makes sending out emails and interacting with leads so much easier. The key word is “automatic.” These tools allow you to create triggers and rules that send out marketing information automatically! Once you (or your talented marketing team) create those triggers, you won’t have to lift a finger.

It’s a rather intuitive and necessary software. But signing people up for your email marketing campaign is where things get tricky. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been burned before. We’ve all created secondary email accounts because our Yahoo or Hotmail accounts are in the email dead zone, collecting hundreds of spam emails a day. We know better now. We’re a bit choosier, but that isn’t to say we wouldn’t sign up for something that would, perhaps, give us some sort of incentive…

The “bribe”

It may be a bit of a cliche, but “if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” It’s a figure of speech that works well in this scenario. The trick is to promise something (and deliver on that promise) if someone signs up to be on your email list. “Sign up for our newsletter and get exclusive content!” That kind of stuff.

Allow them to be the first to watch your newest YouTube video. Send them a white paper with useful information. Give them a coupon code for your online store. Provide something of value to your target audience.

Get them excited

We’ve talked before about email marketing subject lines in the past. Marketing is all about making things exciting, so one of the best email signup incentives you can give someone is something to look forward to. Use content marketing best practices on your email signup page. Use wit, humor, promotions, and more to engage your audience and encourage them to stay and signup.


When someone does subscribe to your newsletter, a “welcome” email series is a great “thank you for your time.” First impressions are crucial to retaining subscribers, so when those first emails go out, make sure the reader feels good about it.

With email marketing automation, you can have it set up automatically so that when they sign up, they’re immediately sent a “welcome.” That email will be a great sample of content to come—a prime example of what you’re capable of. Include lots of information about your website and blogs.

Be colorful and graphical

As much as people would love to read your awesome curated newsletter on all sorts of interesting topics you put together, let’s be honest, they’d much rather see it in picture form. What we mean by that is an infographic.

An email newsletter is a perfect opportunity to include an infographic. Even if you have curated your blog topics into smaller, finer pieces, it’s still a good idea to occasionally throw in some graphical decorations here and there. Just make the thing more visual and fun to look at.  

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