Digital Marketing 101: Helping the Google Bots Crawl

google bots and crawlability

One of the key aspects of digital marketing is search engine optimization, which is the process of making your site more visible in the search engine results page. We all know this—the Post Launch nerds have been shoving this information down your throats since 2013. However, did you know that when you type in a […]

We’re in Your Neighborhood: How to Write Content for Local SEO

local seo content marketing

Although we’d like to claim we’re SEO Jedi, that status didn’t just happen out of nowhere. We’ve tweaked and improved our marketing strategies, and we pass those best practices onto our clients’ campaigns. Here are some basics of a local SEO strategy and how you can evolve your content marketing to improve your efforts. What […]

Digital Marketing 101: WordPress SEO for Beginners

wordpress seo for beginners

So, you’re thinking about doing the whole digital marketing thing yourself, huh? Well, it’s important to know that a lot of work—and we mean a lot—goes into optimizing a website. So much so, that even tech nerds could get tripped up while learning how to do this stuff right. If you’re interested in optimizing your […]

The Ultimate Guide to HTTP Status Codes and SEO

http status codes

If you have experience with SEO, you’ve probably realized that there are too many Google ranking factors to count, let alone have absolute control over. However, it’s crucial to understand HTTP status codes, such as 404, 301 and 500 if you want to effectively rank your website in the search engines. Today, we’ll understand what […]

I’ve Been a Bad Marketer: Why Google Penalized Your Website

google penalty

Are your page one rankings slipping to page two and three? Or has your entire website been removed from Google’s index? If so, you may have been penalized by Google. But why were you penalized and how can you resolve it? Google is on a mission to serve up the best, most accurate, and most […]

5 SEO Scams and Promises that Gag Us with a Spoon

bogus seo scams

If you have a website or own a business, you’re probably aware of the benefits Search Engine Optimization (SEO) offers. And if you’re anything like the team here at Post Launch, you’re getting several calls a month from bogus SEO companies who promise that your website can be number one on Google with their help. […]

Understanding the Importance of User Experience

user experience tips

Have you ever visited a restaurant or store and had such a horrid experience that it made you never want to return to that place again? It could happen to any of us. But while this can be an everyday occurrence in the real world, you definitely don’t want it to be a thing that […]

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