Why Everyone Should Be Thinking More Deeply about Internal Linking

chain link

One of the most important matters in your search engine optimization journey is your internal linking strategy. Some ignore this very crucial step in building an SEO campaign simply because it tends to be a complex strategy. However, it’s not as complicated as many people make it out to be. It could all be so […]

DIY SEO Is Like a DIY Holiday Gift: Not the Best Idea

What does your holiday haul look like this year? Did you absolutely LOVE everything you got? (Yeah, we thought not.) While that macaroni picture frame your five-year-old son made may be precious, it will probably—definitely—serve little purpose in your interior design. And your not-so-favorite cousin who went crazy with the Pinterest crafts can’t know that […]

The Scariest Scenarios for an SEO Company

seo mistakes

What’s your worst fear? For us digital marketing experts, it’s scary SEO scenarios: missing logins, broken links, low rankings, and—gasp—bad content! This Halloween, check out some of the worst SEO mistakes you can make and how to avoid them. Avoid These Scary SEO Scenarios This Halloween There’s nothing more frightening than a digital marketing campaign […]

10 Reasons WordPress Is the Best CMS for SEO

best cms for seo

Choosing the right CMS has significant implications on virtually every aspect of your website—especially your marketing potential. Here at Post Launch, we spend a lot of time helping local businesses with SEO. One of the biggest issues to crop up time and again was the website itself. In most cases, we traced the problem back […]

I’ve Been a Bad Marketer: Why Google Penalized Your Website

google penalty

Are your page one rankings slipping to page two and three? Or has your entire website been removed from Google’s index? If so, you may have been penalized by Google. But why were you penalized and how can you resolve it? Google is on a mission to serve up the best, most accurate, and most […]

Mobile before Beauty: Optimus Prime Your Website

importance of mobile optimization

Two years or so into mobilegeddon and many have moved from their archaic website to something more simpatico for smartphone users. While collectively, some sites are better, there’s still work to do. Mobile optimization is really just beginning, even with its importance nearly realized. If you need to get one thing out of this diatribe, your […]

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