Memes throughout History: Where Did It Begin?

meme history

What’s your favorite Internet meme? Perhaps it’s Grumpy Cat or the ever-popular Rick Roll. Maybe you’re a connoisseur of the Dos Equis Man meme or Success Kid. But where the heck did these memes come from, and why aren’t why going away? Before we get into the history of Internet memes, here’s a little disclaimer: […]

The Most Ridiculously American Things on the Internet

fourth of july sparklers

Happy Fourth of July, everybody! This Independence Day, we’re going to celebrate America! Imagine that! Well, what better way to represent our great country than to take examples of our gun-toting, “USA” chanting, and freedom-loving, die-hard patriots straight off the Internet? There isn’t one, because we invented the Internet, too. Booyah. Celebrating the Fourth of […]

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