Your Ultimate Guide to the Benefits of Email Marketing

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Some people are like me—I’m pretty generous when it comes to handing out my email address. I’ll sign up for a free ebook or an interesting newsletter in a heartbeat (and then proceed to ignore the influx of emails in the following weeks until I finally unsubscribe). Others are more of what you’d call an […]

Things to Offer in Exchange for an Email Address

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Something you must always keep in mind when it comes to email marketing automation is that many people don’t want their inboxes filling up with things they don’t care about. And who can blame them? We just gotta have those email marketing leads, though. So this puts us in an interesting place: where can we […]

Make a List and Grow It Twice: How to Get More Email Subscribers

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This holiday season, we’re reflecting on the gift that keeps on giving: email marketing. This digital marketing strategy allows you to connect with your target audience in a personal, direct way. It’s effective marketing that can bring you a great ROI. However, not everyone is as adept at making lists as Mr. Kris Kringle. If […]

Monthly Marketing Tips: Email Marketing Subject Lines

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Online marketing is all about making words pop! That’s the key strategy when coming up with content or social media. That also applies to your email marketing subject lines. You want to ensure that your customers or subscribers are enticed enough to click with some eye-catching email subject lines, so try these marketing tips on […]

What is Email Marketing Automation and Why Should You Care?

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Do you like making money? Would you prefer to make money while not working? Yeah, we thought so. Email marketing automation is designed to make that happen. It takes tasks off your to-do list and does them better than you were going to do them, anyway. Now that you know why you should care about […]

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