How to Connect with Your Clientele If You Only Do Business Online

ecommerce business

There’s no doubt we live in the technology age—some would even say we live in an age of introverts. With the ease of technology, we can order take out, groceries, even toilet paper, without leaving the house or needing to interact with a live human being. E-commerce businesses are on the rise. But, if you […]

Don’t Get Distracted by These Websites during the Workday

getting distracted at work

Forbes reports that 64% of employees have admitted to visiting non-work related sites during each work day. And can you blame them? Sometimes we all need a little break from the humdrum of typing, emails, meetings, and whatever else you do during your nine to five. Some even say that a little break from work […]

21st Century Internet Style Guide: Writing for the Reader and the Search Engine

Post Launch internet style guide

The Internet warrants style all its own. Twins share a language only they know. Computers have a language called code. The Internet has languages comprised of memes, cat videos, and trolls. Language is the common denominator in every entity requiring communication, but language and communication need their own varying colors, designs, and dresses to make […]

Keyword Strategy for the Layman

keyword strategy tips

If you ask any SEO expert about getting your website to rank higher on Google, we can pretty much guarantee one of the first words out of his or her mouth will be “keywords.” Now, you could get the nerds here at Post Launch to do all the work for you, researching keywords and applying […]

9 Ways to Make Your Web Presence Marketing Blast off

web presence marketing improvements

To all you digital marketing cadets, listen up. Are you interested in creating a better online presence for your business? You’re in luck. As the great web presence marketing company we are, we’d like to spill the tea on how we create an effective digital marketing campaign. Through some light tinkering and many cups of […]

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