How to Survive the Workday without Feeling like Poo at 3:00

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“I love 3:00 pm,” said no one ever. The afternoon slump is the hardest time of the work day, to the point where it feels like you’re Frodo on the quest to destroy the Ring but it takes you three movies to do it. Motivation at work is definitely the Samwise to get you through the quest and destroy the evil that is 3:00 pm.

The 3 pm hour is the niche in agency life between your lunch break and your freedom from work. It’s the last couple of hours before you can pass out on your couch watching the latest show on Netflix.

While naps are still frowned upon at the workplace, except if you work graveyard shifts, we want to bring you motivational activities our marketing team uses to finish the day right. You definitely don’t want to start drooling during your boss’ important meeting.

bored meeting gif3 Ways to Find Motivation at Work during the 3 PM Slump

We want you to be as productive as possible at work—at all times. But, we all know lunch can kill the productivity, especially if you eat pasta or have an office lunch party. We have three ways for you to finish off the day strong.

5-minute dance party

Often, us Post Launchers work with our headphones in, and we’re focused on getting over the slump. But, there’s always an opportunity to unplug the headphones and take your coworkers back with some retro tunes for a tiny dance break.

Remember the Jennifer Lopez song where she was waiting for tonight in the middle of the jungle? Or the Backstreet Boys song where they were all monsters with the dance moves everyone knows how to do? Those are great throwbacks to have a mini distraction at the 3 o’clock hour. Then, of course, get back to productivity at work.

bobs burgers dance breakComedy hour

Laughter is the cure to a slump day. Grab your team, and have a stand-up comedy minute. Allow a few people to tell their best jokes or read off some jokes so bad they are actually funny. We got you if you are in need of a joke to tell.

investigatorDo some research

If your attention span is lost at 3:00 pm, use it to your advantage. Do you wonder about what the little kid, Beans, from the Even Stevens grew up to look like? Discuss this with your co-workers to find out the name of this kid and then head to Google to find the results. Or, you know, you could read something productive, related to your industry, or informative (like the Post Launch newsletter).

Speaking of Even Stevens, here’s Shia LaBeouf giving you some motivation to end your day on the right foot.

We Can Help You Get out of Your Afternoon Slump

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