Is It Too Soon to Prep Your Digital Marketing for the Holidays?

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Happy Holidays from your favorite Las Vegas SEO team, Post Launch!

Yes, we know it’s only October, and the holidays are still a few months away, but in the digital marketing world, the holiday season begins months before you start receiving those Christmas cards from those relatives you only see once a year.

During the holidays, brands and consumers are in a frenzy when it comes to spending. Shoppers are motivated to get the latest and greatest and brands are cutting down their prices in hopes of increasing their sales. Any smart business person would know that promoting your holiday sales is essential, but the trick to maximizing your ROI is in the timing of your marketing.

Prepare Your Holiday Marketing Strategies

Starting to plan out your holiday marketing campaigns the day before Thanksgiving is far too late. If you want to maximize any potential tactics, planning needs to occur well before the holidays actually roll around. The further out you begin to plan your holiday push, the more detailed and specific you will be able to get.

You want to first think about the major holidays that are coming up such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s—as well as smaller shopping holidays such as Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

Your Content Should Match the Seasons

Once you have a solid plan of attack, the next step is to create the content. Since content is king in the digital marketing space, you will need time to create a few relevant pieces for each major holiday of the season. This could mean creating blog articles about the best tips to tackle Black Friday or creating email cards with special offers to all in your email subscribers list. By having the content ready to go ahead of time, you will not have to scramble to get content out and can even tweak any small things if needed.

Staying Ahead of the Trends

Starting your holiday campaigns earlier in the year gives you a chance to research the upcoming trends for the season. It is better to anticipate events than to react to them later. If you react to a trend going on, chances are your content is going to get diluted and possibly overshadowed by others who are doing the same. You want to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to your marketing campaigns.

Unless you have magical powers like Santa, creating an effective holiday marketing campaign the night before Christmas is out of the question. Give us a call and we can be your elf on a shelf when it comes to your digital marketing.

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