Social Media Made Super Easy [Recipe]

easy social media recipe

Social media marketing is easy—you just have to know how to social media right to start seeing the results you want for your business. Social media marketing tips exist, but they don’t break down social media step-by-step. We decided to make this happen and broke it down into a super easy social media recipe. Simply follow the directions and start seeing results.

Social Media Marketing Made Easy Recipe

Facebook: the main course

  1. 1 Facebook Business Page. (Start with the entree and don’t forget you need a personal profile first!).
  2. Blend in a bio, profile pic, cover photo, and other information al dente.
  3. 1-2 new posts every day (promotions, videos, updates, and industry-related light-hearted posts all work).
  4. 1 lb. of images (your social media won’t taste the same without images).
  5. Check it twice a day to ensure it doesn’t cook over or catch fire (no one likes bad reviews and unanswered messages).

LinkedIn: the side dish

  1. 1 LinkedIn Business page for your first side dish (Don’t forget you need a personal profile first!).
  2. Add a new post every day. You can even blend posts together with Facebook posts to avoid extra work coming up with new content.
  3. Don’t forget to check each platform twice day to keep fires at bay.

Twitter: the appetizer

Toss in a Twitter account as something to wet the appetite before your Facebook entree because people like variety!

  1. Mix in a Twitter bio, keyword rich.
  2. Grease your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts by engaging with your ideal potential audience (follows, likes and comments all do the trick)
  3. Add a pinch of love and caring for your social media presence
  4. Include lots of links.
  5. And a dash of video creation to spike reach and engagement.
  6. Don’t expect it to cook itself!
  7. Bake together for 1 month before checking numbers.
  8. Turn over social media product with new data and continue baking indefinitely, checking every month for changes in data, just to make sure it doesn’t get too overcooked (dry content) or undercooked (inconsistent posting).
  9. Season with gratitude for every one of your new friends, followers, and customers throughout the year.

Instagram: the dessert

Top the social media meal off with something light for the palate. In fact, it only weighs a gram.

  1. Got extra images lying around? Include these special ingredients by whipping up a new Instagram account for dessert.
  2. Marinate the Instagram account with the same bio as the Twitter account.
  3. Sprinkle in high-quality images to your Instagram at least once a day.

Enjoy your bigger and better social media marketing presence!

Social media marketing done the right way does not always look the same. If you follow the basic best practices for each platform, your social media presence is sure to improve. Use the above written recipe as your guidelines, but don’t be afraid to get creative with your own social media marketing ideas. Keep it simple, consistent, and relevant, and your social media presence will be delicious.

And if you need any help with getting your social media marketing up and going, don’t be afraid to contact Post Launch for your internet marketing needs.   


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