Showing Gratitude through Social Media Best Practices

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This is the time of year to express gratitude, which means it’s time to start showing gratitude towards our clients and customers in business. Not only are we thankful for social media, but we are also thankful for how easy it is to express our gratitude through social media. With social media best practices for business in mind, there are many ways for your business to show the world and all your customers how thankful you are for their business (and future business).

4 Ways to Show Gratitude with Social Media


One way an organization can show gratitude for their online audience and customers is to create and promote social media contests and sales. Consider throwing together a “client appreciation contest” or a local customer discount sale. Encourage everyone to participate with traditional marketing efforts and social media advertising best practices.

Social Media Advertising

One way to get your social media gratitude message across to as many people as possible is to use social media advertising. There are many social media advertising platforms to choose from. With social ads laser-like targeting abilities and utilizing best practices for social media marketing, you are bound to get more engagement and reach when you throw a little money at it. The more people you reach, the more people will see your message of thanks. And that is a great way to introduce your brand to new people—with gratitude.


Be specific with your thanks. If you want to send specific people or organizations a little love, tag them in your gratitude posts related to them. Don’t simply tag a bunch of people in a generic gratitude post; that is not representative of best practices for social media posts. Create unique messages that will resonate with the people you want to thank. Take the time to show a little love to the right people with the right message, and they will show a little love back.


Of course, hashtags have their time and place. That place mainly being on Twitter or Instagram. But utilizing gratitude hashtags is a great way to get involved in spreading joy over certain social media platforms. Hashtags are the opportunity to not only share your gratitude with partners and clients and those who know your brand but also an excellent way to show those who don’t know you just how grateful you are (and how grateful you will be when they too become a customer).

Popular Gratitude Hashtags

  • #gratitude (duh!)
  • #livinggrategul
  • #thankful
  • #happyheart
  • #thankyou
  • #grategul
  • #spreadpositivity
  • #begrateful
  • #EpicThanks
  • #thankfulfor

The list could go on, and we are confident other gratitude hashtags will pop up the closer we get to Thanksgiving this year. So keep an eye out!

At the end of the day, there are a lot of effective social media best practices to follow. But number one should always be to show gratitude and appreciation for the people who care about your brand. In a world where the “internet troll” has risen, now is more important than ever to show a little gratitude to the social media users/customers who know and like your brand.

Show a little gratitude towards your online audience with social media marketing. Practice social media best practices 2016 to ensure your message is getting out to as many people as possible. Talk to Post Launch digital marketing company for advice on social media marketing and get a free deep dive analysis into your social media presence and overall web presence online.

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