LinkedIn Marketing Services

Social media is so popular now that even the professionals want to take part in the action. That’s where LinkedIn comes into play. This social networking platform is geared towards professionals and Business-2-Business (B2B) connections. It provides a great platform to get poached for a better job. So hey, why not?

LinkedIn is also important to pay attention to, due to its relationship with Google. That’s right. They’ve been in bed together. And now Google can’t let LinkedIn go. How do we know? Every time you Google someone, you bet your ass their LinkedIn profile will be within the first three search results. But Facebook is usually in the first three results too, making Google a player. We won’t judge, but we do recommend being a part of Google’s favorite social platforms.

What Is LinkedIn and Why Should I Start a Company Page?

If you’re not privy to the goldmine that is LinkedIn, it’s time you join the party. It’s THE social media platform for businesses—in other words, it’s the professional social network. This site works to serve companies, especially those in the B2B arena.

When you’re learning how to use LinkedIn for business development, it all starts with the company page. Like Facebook for business, LinkedIn’s platform helps you keep your followers, customers, clients—employees, even—updated on all things going on with your company. With LinkedIn, though, content is more focused on a professional and educational purpose.

LinkedIn marketing helps your business generate leads, build brand awareness, establish B2B connections, and engage your target audience. And if your target audience includes working professionals, LinkedIn marketing services is what you need.

LinkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn is different from the other social media platforms in that it’s less concerned with funny pictures of your cat, but more with business-related topics. For example, successful posts on LinkedIn could include advice about how to run a business in your industry, current events going on in your industry, tips, and tricks to complete certain tasks regarding your industry—there’s a clear pattern here. LinkedIn marketing services revolve around industry-related topics. The platform works to grow and educate people in a professional manner.

How will Post Launch grow my business on LinkedIn?

Post Launch can help grow your business’s presences on LinkedIn because we know the best practices for each of the top social media platforms. Each requires a specific strategy, and we can help you there.

Our LinkedIn marketing services include:

  • Creating and optimizing your company page
  • Posting consistent and relevant company updates
  • LinkedIn marketing tips to help improve your social media strategy
  • Sharing various media (photos, videos, infographics, etc.) to improve engagement
  • LinkedIn marketing tools to grow your reach through sponsored content and LinkedIn ads

Post Launch is here for all your social media marketing needs. Contact us today to learn more about the professional social media network.

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