Social Amplification

Imagine you live in a world where your brand is all over social media, but you didn’t even have to create a post. Crazy, right? If only we could all stop wasting time on social media trying desperately to get likes from friends and family that never even purchase our stuff. Well, now you can live in that world! The answer is social amplification.

Social amplification is what would happen if the blue whale that is social media had a baby with the ever-talking megamouth shark, and that baby was super popular and talkative and can bring in a bigger audience than the blue whale alone. Got that image in your mind yet? Let’s explain that a little more clearly:

With social amp, you can increase your brand’s social media reach by 400%-500% in a very short amount of time. Like, we’re talking days. Considering 92% of audiences trust peer recommendations and only 14% of audiences trust paid advertising, the only way to quickly get organic recommendations is with social amplification. Check out how easy it is, with these three simple steps. (C’mon, it takes more steps to make a PB&J.)


Social media users who know your brand become your superfans.



 You share your awesomest content with your superfans.



 Your superfans will post your content to their multiple social platforms.

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Social amplification is so easy it’ll blow your socks off!

Advantages of Social Amplification

What’s in it for your organization?

  • Expanded reach through superfans (owned audience) to their friends and followers
  • Your owned audience will share your content with their owned audience, increasing your reach 400%-500%.
  • Trackable Social Media insights
  • Organic and creative fan content (optional)
  • More fans, more exposure, more traffic

How do your Superfans win?

  • Access to your brand’s best content
  • Increased connection and exposure to your brand
  • VIP fan experience
  • New ways to increase their social stature
  • Prizes and experiences (You gotta give them an incentive for them to actually care!)

Brands cannot control where their target audience is socializing online, making it harder to reach the right audience organically. So it’s no wonder only 3-8% of brand posts on Facebook earn significant organic reach. Why pay Facebook to control who sees your content when you can give that power to your number one fans? After all, who do you think will treat you better at the end of the day: a big corporation or friends and family?

So there you have it. More people share information and peer recommendations over social media than any other platform. 4.75 billion items are shared on Facebook alone. Be part of that conversation without having to be part of that conversation. Save that time for things that really matter, like the real world. We’ll take care of the internet for you.

Want to know more about social amplification? Take a look at this slideshow or just call us (we don’t bite).