Technical SEO

Get your nerd hats on, the ones with the little propellers that spin around, cause this shit’s about to get technical. We’re gonna talk for a minute about technical SEO.

Remember SEO, it’s that page that you should read before this. But for a simple recap, search engine optimization is the windshield wiper fluid that goes in your marketing car.


Technical SEO

There are several tactics you can do from a technical perspective to make sure your web pages are all juiced up and delicious to Google and other search engines. With SEO, search engines are more likely to see you as the awesome business you are (It’s that windshield wiper fluid we were talking about).

There are more than several things you can do make your website delicious, (technically speaking). Things like making sure your URL structure is correct, making sure your images and videos are web-optimized, making sure your site is fast and mobile responsive.

And you may have heard this thing called metadata. Yeah, it is still relevant. So put some effing keywords on your website in the right places and half of your technical SEO is done. Boom!

Want to know if your website is technically search engine optimized? Check out this checklist of 10 technical SEO website necessities and check off the SEO strategies you already have in place:

Do a quick Google search of your site (Type “Site:”). Does your homepage pop up first? If not, there could be issues, like a penalty or poor site structure.

Do a quick search for duplicate content (take a snippet and place it in quotes, then search for it in Google). Do you have NO duplicate content on the same or another domain?

Is there an an Analytics tracking code on every page?
Are there more than 100 links on your website?
Is there one URL for each piece of original content on your website?
Is your website’s URL structure descriptive, friendly, and keyword optimized?
Is your homepage optimized with at least 250 SEO optimized words?
Is your primary keyword(s) phrase contained in an H1 tag?
Search Google for your business brand and branded terms. Is your website on the first page of Google or the first result?
Perform a quick mobile search for your website. Is it mobile optimized? Does it have a “mobile-friendly” label? If not, you are likely being penalized by Google.

Did you get all that? If not, that’s okay. We can help out with a free consultation and free website audit. That way, you don’t have to spend the time (that we know you don’t really have) figuring out how technically optimized your website is. Let us do the dirty work for you (dirty laundry that is), and then you can decide if you want to utilize our SEO services in Las Vegas.

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