Website Keyword Optimization

Wondering how to get your website search engine optimized? Technical SEO is one method, and if you want to get nerdy hop on over to our Technical SEO page. But getting technical is just one avenue to juicing up your website for Google. Just like juicing up in real life, there are many methods to accomplish this. Steroids and green fruit smoothies are all we can think of right now… Oh yeah. And keywords. Those are good for juicy websites.

How Keyword Optimization Works

It doesn’t take a genius to know what keywords should be sprinkled throughout a specific business website to get the right kind of visitors. Just take you industry (i.e. furniture) and attach it to your location (i.e. Las Vegas), and you have your first authority keyword (furniture in Las Vegas). That was easy!

Things get a little more complicated once you dive into keyword optimizing your website. Included in keyword optimization is research, analyzing your competition and audience, and ultimately choosing the most appropriate keywords for your business online— which may not be the keywords you initially think of.

Where should the top keywords be placed on your website?

We’re glad you asked. The days of keyword stuffing are over, so if you’re thinking of just building backlinks with “my industry, Las Vegas” listed over and over, think again. Google is too smart these days to accept these trickery black-hat ways of the past, and no one likes a keyword stuffer.

Using keywords naturally throughout your content is the best way to give your site some authority. Add keywords to the following areas for the most optimal placing:

  • Titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Headings and content
  • Image titles and alt text
  • URLs

Keyword optimization is an ongoing internet marketing strategy. Each new page you add to your website should include a target keyword for a particular product or service you offer. No longer is the content you write just for your users. Now the Google bots are reading too, and they can either hurt or help your site, depending on what they see. And to be honest, we’d all bow down to the godlike bots of Google if we thought it would help our website rankings.

Keyword optimization cannot happen with content. That’s right. We mean actually writing content. Like, writing content consistently. We’re talking weekly blog posts and everything. At least that’s what it takes to keep your website search engine optimized with keywords and such.

Not a good writer? Don’t like to write content? Don’t know what to say? Don’t have the time to write all the time? Just don’t feel like it? We get it. That’s what Post Launch is here for. Pumping out keyword rich content is what we’re great at over here in our Las Vegas internet marketing firm. Being humble? …Not so much.

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