Search Engine Optimization

Everybody hears the term Search Engine Optimization thrown around these days, but the only people who actually know what that term means are SEO firms and computer nerds working in their mom’s basement (maybe).

In the meantime, business owners are jumping over each other and their budgets for a term they don’t even know the true meaning of. And the reality is, SEO is really just a small part of what your overall marketing budget should be.

seo buzzwords

Think of SEO This Way

SEO is equivalent to the windshield wiper fluid in your car. Yes, you read that correctly. SEO is no more important than the ability to see and be seen. But when you are driving the car that is your marketing department, you need a heck of a lot more than windshield wiper fluid to move forward. Things like the engine, gas tank, fuel, tires, windshield—basically the whole car.

Let’s take it a step further. Check out the figure below.

web presence marketing vs search engine optimziation

“Web Presence Marketing” is the car you drive, including engine, gas, tires, windshield and even windshield wiper fluid. That’s right; SEO is one component of web presence marketing (we know, we are totally blowing your minds right now). Ever hear the saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink?” SEO is simply the ability to drive traffic to your website (allowing the world to see you and you to see the world), but it won’t turn that traffic into customers.

That’s where all that other good stuff comes in. And that’s all the stuff included in web presence marketing. Where traditional SEO firms stop is where Post Launch really takes off. Don’t believe us? Stop reading now. Wait, keep reading… Check out our web presence marketing page to learn more. Now you can stop reading.

But back to SEO.

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing have a lot of different moving parts, meaning that it is simply not a one-and-done tactic. Yes, it’s a complicated form of windshield wiper fluid.

SEO refers to the process of ranking your website in organic search engines results. SEO services focus on improving the ranking of unpaid search engine results. Unpaid search results are often referred to as organic results, natural results, or earned results. Engaging in good SEO strategies will help your website to rank higher in the search results (hence that seeing stuff we keep talking about).

But SEO, like everything else done in web presence marketing, is time-consuming. Who has the time to do a bunch of crap on the backend of a website that no one will actually see? Not too many business owners. How do you create the time needed to get your business website’s SEO up-to-par? Easy, you delegate that work to someone else so you can get back to running your business (or sitting on the beach if that’s your preference). Who can you delegate this work, too? Hmmmm….. Oh, we know!

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The answer to Your SEO Quandary? Post Launch.

Unlike your average marketing company and other SEO agencies, Post Launch works seamlessly to build, manage and expand your online web presence. Our team of SEO specialists has the experience and knowledge to develop a top notch marketing strategy that is unique to your brand or industry.

But we are so much more than just an SEO firm, and we can do so much more than fill your windshield wiper fluid! As you have learned by now (by checking out that web presence marketing page we know you stopped reading to see), our services include SEO, social media, email marketing, content marketing, and so much more.

Note: Although SEO is only the windshield wiper fluid on your web presence marketing car,

it is still one of the most important internet marketing strategies to apply to your business. Why? Because people need to see you and you need to see them, duh!

The fact is, if your website is not SEO friendly, all the other web presence marketing strategies we apply will be less effective because less people will see them.

SEO in Vegas Baby and Beyond

In today’s day and age, your online presence can make or break your business (scary thoughts, we know). While traditional marketing can be an effective tool, the heavy hitters are the SEO professionals who propel your online marketing to reach a greater audience. Through our SEO services, we develop your internet marketing to have a strong presence on major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo (is Yahoo still a contender? AAAADRIIIIANNN!!) for strategic keywords your customers use.

What makes Post Launch SEO strategies stand out from other SEO companies? Unlike other SEO companies, we understand that not all businesses operate the same way or aim to reach the same target audience. Which is why the take the time needed to research exactly what your business does and the people in need of your services to develop the right SEO campaign for you. Talk about customization!

Not only do we customize our SEO and internet marketing campaigns, we also work hard to keep up with the times. Because internet algorithms, social media and engagements are constantly evolving, we adapt new SEO strategies to better our optimization services.

Let Post Launch provide the search engine optimization services to better your online presence so you can sit back and know that everything is under control. (Remember that beach we were talking about earlier?)

The best part about our SEO services is… (dun dun dun!) you can utilize them before you even drop a dime (oh snap!).

Post Launch can act as your personal SEO consultant, in which our SEO experts analyze your website and help determine the areas that can be improved to boost your online reputation. Why? Because we are an SEO company in Las Vegas that loves that luxurious giving and helping and seeing our clients succeed online and expanding their reach and audience well beyond expectations.

For many, terms such as analytics, data, marketing strategies and search engine marketing are just that, terms. But to us at Post Launch, they are the language to your online success. Want to learn more about this language? Visit our Technical SEO page and our Foundation of Good SEO page (we know, more reading totally sucks!).

To learn more about how you can start applying good SEO practices to your business, check out our Quick and Delicious SEO Tips for the Busy Business Owner.