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The days of going door-to-door selling phone books, cold calling and cold emailing a massive list of people who aren’t interested in your services are long over. We know, you were looking forward to wasting more hours of your life reaching out to people who don’t care. Welcome to the time of targeted and personalized messaging sent to the right people at the right time— better known as smart emailing.

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Let’s face it. There’s no such thing as privacy on the internet anymore. Between celebrity nude photo leaks and uncomfortably common reports of major organizations being hacked for our personal information, we must come to accept the fact that, if it can be found online, it can be taken without our permission. Instead of crying about it, now is the time to jump on the train and take advantage of this ability to completely invade people’s privacy, because it’s good for business.

Don’t worry, we don’t suggest you read people’s online diaries (but that was certainly a silly idea). We aren’t all about completely invading someone’s life online. All smart emailing does is track the people who hit your website and send them the information they would be most interested in at the best time for them. This is all without you lifting a finger because it’s automated. That’s right. The wave of the future is here.

Smart Emailing System Tools

Targeted Emails

Smart emailing is targeted emailing. Sending emails that clearly look like a mass cookie-cutter message won’t pique your customers’ interest. They’ll be hitting that delete button before they even get to the point of your message.

Email marketing requires you to send targeted emails, complete with the person’s name and a touch of humanity that everyone wants to see. It’s simply the better way to go. More people will open an email addressed to them than one that was obviously mass sent. Test this theory out yourself and see how your email click-through numbers start improving.

Timely Emails

Smart emailing knows to get in front of your potential customers when the timing is right, like right after they visited your website. Of course, there are certain times of day that are better than others to send an email.

Sending an email at three in the morning might not be as effective as sending it just after 8 AM. With smart emailing, you can set up the optimal time to send out emails to potential customers. So if you think three in the morning is best, who are we to stop you? Of course, if we are your online marketing company, we might suggest otherwise.

Emails Based on Triggers

Smart emailing is a system that works based on setting triggers. We don’t mean PTSD triggers (no one wants to trigger grandma into thinking about the war again). Smart email triggers allow emails to be sent out when potential customers are most interested, instead of simply once a week. So when a potential customer does something like sign up for the newsletter, purchase a certain product, or look at your services page for at least five minutes, you can send them an email immediately, instead of six days from now when they’ve moved on with their life.    

Tracking Emails

Smart emailing tracks every client and every email sent out. Once your clients hit your website, you can track them (you know, like a stalker, but not). For example, if a user hits up your website on a certain product page, the smart emailing system tracks that user and emails them about news related to that product. Now, you can stalk your users throughout your website without having to revert back to old stalker techniques. That’s right: no more binoculars or creepy anonymous notes to reach the people we want.

Technically Automated Emailing

Smart emailing is more than a system that tracks users and sends emails based on triggers. It is the automated artificial intelligence of emailing, leaving you to relax while the system automatically sends the most relevant emails to the right people— that is, once the system is setup. Let’s face it, this can be kind of a pain in the ass. All that time you save on the back end letting the system do its thing was probably spent setting the whole thing up in the first place.

Smart emailing is legit. It is the better, smarter way to email (hence the name). But, it’s time- consuming to setup and it requires a software system complex enough to do everything we mentioned above. Luckily for you, here at Post Launch, we have both the system and the time to make smart emailing happen for your business. All you have to do is approve the email messages we create, and we will get it all up and running for you. We know, it’s pretty impressive.

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