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So by now you must know the importance of email marketing. Otherwise, why would you care to learn about marketing email newsletters? We can’t imagine you love our writing oh so much that you just needed to continue down this email marketing content spiral. But hey, we won’t judge.

If you are actually interested in creating monthly, bi-monthly, weekly, or daily newsletters for your business, then you’re in the right place. Although we wouldn’t recommend daily newsletters; people don’t like daily spam, even if it’s from their brother.

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Why do YOU need an email newsletter service for your business?

  1. Email can bring in a massive ROI. Don’t believe us? Check out this blog on why email marketing is far from dead.
  1. An email newsletter service allows you to connect with your most interested customers. Trust us, people who take the steps to sign up for your newsletter care more about your business than the Twitter user from Guatemala who just started following you. Which is why…
  1. Email marketing newsletters bring in more sales than social media. For some strange reason, business owners are beginning to think they don’t have to do anything else to market their business online once they have a good following on social media. While they continue to be confused as to why their 2,000 Facebook followers don’t turn into dollar signs, you can be making money from sending a monthly email to people who genuinely like and care about your brand.
  1. Email newsletters can boost your social media. If you’re the type of person who wants those 2,000 followers on Facebook, you can utilize a routine email newsletter, complete with links to your social media, to help boost those numbers.
  1. Email newsletters also boost website traffic. That’s right. People who read and like your newsletters will continue to hit your website. But, like that saying “out of sight, outta mind,” if they don’t remember you exist, they won’t continue to visit your site. Email newsletters are a perfect way to remind people you exist, and that you have something exciting to say. Whether you announce this month’s specials or share a link to your latest blog post, your email newsletters are the perfect format to tell the world something new about your business.

Add Email Newsletters to Your Marketing Strategies

If you’re doing things right, your business should always have something new to say. The newest blog post, upcoming events, latest deals, industry news, newest specials, how your mom is doing— these are all things you should share with your customers regularly (except how your mom is doing… although Post Launch cares! You can tell us how mom is anytime).

The key to email newsletters is to provide your customers and clients with something that is valuable to them. Although we care about mom, your clients probably don’t need to hear about the latest updates on her irritable bowel syndrome. On that note, if every “newsletter” you send out is asking for money, please stop that now. Seriously. That’s not cool. Do you want every email you get from someone to be begging for money? We didn’t think so.

When thinking about email newsletter best practice, remember that creating the perfect email newsletter is a delicate balance between providing value and promoting company goods. It’s taking your latest company happenings and putting it in a well-designed email newsletter template that people will want to read. It’s like balancing an umbrella on a unicycle on a high wire. Not impossible. But pretty scary if you don’t have the talent. It’s okay. We have the talent, so you won’t have to balance shit— or learn how to make an email newsletter.

Contact us to learn more about our email newsletter services and set up a free consultation so we can tell you if your business can benefit from email newsletters (which the answer will probably be “yes”).

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