Drip Campaigns

What is drip email marketing? Contrary to popular belief, drip campaigns do not refer to your sink faucet dripping all night long, simultaneously singing you the song of its people and driving you crazy.

Email Drip: NOT a Leaky Faucet

The definition of drip marketing campaigns actually refers to an effective communication strategy that automatically sends out pre-written emails used to nurture and guide your customers to the products and services you offer that they are most interested in. In other words, drip campaigns automatically send the right email to the right customer/potential customer, at the right time. Once the emails have been pre-written and are organized into the system, all you have to do is type a potential customer’s email address in and sit back while the emails are sent over a set period of time.

Companies that use drip marketing campaigns correctly can generate up to 80% more sales and 33% lower costs. That’s because, once the drip campaign is set up and running, very little direct human involvement is needed until your prospect has been nurtured into a hot lead.

From drip to dollars

How will you know that person is a hot lead? The system just informed you that they landed on the services/prices page of your website and spent 10 minutes looking it over. After getting over the creepiness of being able to track anyone who hits your website, take solace in the fact that YOU can be like Google. You have the power to track your users’ actions on your website, send them pre-written automated emails based on this activity, and call them when they are ready to buy. Take that Google!

Why should YOU use email drip campaigns for sales and marketing?

  1. Nurture potential leads without wasting time on them until they are hot. Now you can stop emailing people who really don’t want to buy your stuff.
  1. Welcome new subscribers and learn their behavior, so you know what products you offer that they like best. This drip marketing example is similar to how Amazon does email. And the last time we checked, Amazon was doing pretty well at selling people crap they don’t need, but they do like.
  1. Re-engage customers who abandoned their shopping cart on your website. But why would people leave your product in their shopping cart and just leave your website? Simply put: because shit happens. With drip campaigning, you can connect with these people after their stuff is over, and they are ready to buy your stuff again.
  1. Make customized recommendations based on people’s previous actions on your site instead of just assuming everyone will want to buy your new logo shirt.

If you have a long-sales cycle (because let’s face it, it takes people a lot longer to decide on the right marketing company for their business than to pick which ice cream flavor they want to eat today), drip campaigns will be your saving grace. No more following up with the same people for six months. No more wasting time emailing people who never email you back. No more! Now you just stick them in your drip campaign and let the software become your drip marketing salesforce.

Remember that Game of Throne rant towards the end of our email marketing services page? Drip campaigns are your chance to rewatch Game of Thrones and finally remember what Gendry, Robert Baratheon’s bastard son, looks like because, come on, he is obviously coming back! But we are getting ahead of ourselves again.

If you want to setup an email marketing drip campaign for your business but don’t know where to begin, don’t hesitate to reach out to Post Launch internet marketing to help you get started. Or, we can do the work for you. Whichever you prefer.

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