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Email marketing services are a great way to build strong relationships with your audience. It allows you to deliver a personal message to them whenever you want. Since its AOL days, email has come a long way. Although email is still alive and kicking with over four billion active email accounts in existence, it’s evolved when it comes to its marketing purposes. 

Although your grandma may be familiar with the term “You’ve got mail,” we doubt she’s familiar with “email marketing automation.” Don’t fret—it sounds much scarier than it actually is.

Email Marketing Services at Post Launch

Email marketing in Las Vegas is easy when you choose the right team to lead you through it. It takes time and dedication to study best practices and develop a strategy specific to the industry and audience—which is what we do here at Post Launch.

What is automated email marketing?

Email marketing automation is online software whose primary purpose is automating emails. Think of Amazon. When it comes to selling you stuff you don’t need but still want through email, Amazon is godlike. The second you view a product and consider making a purchase, Amazon is right there to remind you where you left it, and maybe throw in a discount or two.

With our services, we’re inspired by Amazon’s marketing prowess. Our goal is to send timely, creative, custom messages to your audience that benefit your bottom line.

Benefits of working with an email marketing agency

Email marketing automation services can bring in a huge ROI if done right. But if you don’t set up your platform correctly the first time, your investment in the software could fail. Let’s face it; nobody likes spammy emails about stuff they don’t care about.

But when marketing automation uses best practices, the sky’s the limit. We’re here to launch you to the skies of success with email marketing, to provide you with the software and set it up for you, so you won’t have to worry about it. No need for you to bother with sending sales and follow-up emails.

Just think about it: going on vacation while still making money, sitting on the couch while still working for your business, binge-watching your favorite show… 

Email Campaign Management

Email newsletter service

One of the most popular methods of email marketing is through a monthly, bi-monthly, weekly, or daily newsletter.

Here are some benefits of sending out these regular email blasts:

  1. Email can bring in a massive ROI. Don’t believe us? Check out this blog on the benefits of email marketing.
  2. An email newsletter service allows you to connect with your most interested customers. Trust us, people who take the steps to sign up for your newsletter care more about your business than the Twitter user from Guatemala who just started following you.
  3. Email marketing newsletters bring in more sales than social media. Users who voluntarily subscribe to your email newsletters are often more engaged and interested in your brand than those fake followers you bought on Twitter.
  4. Email newsletters can boost your social media. If you’re the type of person who wants more followers on Facebook, you can utilize a routine email newsletter, complete with links to your social media, to help boost those numbers.
  5. Email newsletters also boost website traffic. People who read and like your newsletters will continue to hit your website. Announce this month’s specials or share a link to your latest blog post! Newsletters are the best format to tell the world something new about your business.

The key to email newsletter marketing is to always have something new to say. Include content like: 

  • The newest blog post
  • Upcoming events
  • Latest deals and specials
  • Industry news

Email newsletters should provide your customers and clients with something that’s valuable. Although we care about mom, your clients probably don’t need to hear about the latest updates on her irritable bowel syndrome. 

On that note, if every “newsletter” you send out is asking for money, please stop that now. Do you want every email you get from someone to be begging for money? We didn’t think so.

Email drip campaigns

What is drip email marketing? It’s an effective communication strategy that automatically sends out pre-written emails to nurture and guide your customers to the products and services you offer that they’re most interested in. In other words, drip campaigns automatically send the right email to the right customer, at the right time.

Once the emails have been written and are organized into the system, all you have to do is type a potential customer’s email address in and sit back while the emails are sent over a set period of time.

Companies that use drip marketing campaigns correctly can generate up to 80% more sales and 33% lower costs. Once the drip campaign is set up and running, very little direct human involvement is needed until your prospect has been nurtured into a hot lead.

How will you know a person is a hot lead? The system will inform you that they landed on your services page and spent 10 minutes looking it over. After getting over the creepiness of being able to track anyone who hits your website, take solace in the fact that YOU can be like Google. 

You have the power to track your users’ actions on your website, send them automated emails based on this activity, and call them when they are ready to buy.

Smart email

Let’s face it; there’s no such thing as privacy on the Internet anymore. Marketers can find out where people are online, how long they spend there, and why they leave. It’s time for brands to jump on the train and take advantage of this ability to completely invade people’s privacy—because it’s good for business. Welcome to the time of targeted and personalized messaging sent at the right time—better known as smart emailing. 

Smart emailing tracks the people who hit your website and sends them the information they would be most interested in at the best time for them. And it’s automated! So this all happens without you lifting a finger.

Here’s more you can do with smart email marketing automation:

  • Targeted emails send personalized messages—complete with the person’s name—to add a touch of humanity to your email marketing. 
  • Timely emails schedule messages to your audience at the right time, like the time of day they open their email the most.
  • Emails based on triggers are scheduled based on the time your customer would be most interested in you, like when they purchase a certain product or view a service product for the third time.
  • Reporting can help you track every client you have and every email you send. You can see where they go on your site and what they click on, so you know exactly what they’re interested in.

Smart emailing is more than a system that tracks users and sends emails based on triggers. It’s the automated artificial intelligence of emailing, leaving you to relax while the system automatically sends the most relevant emails to the right people—that is, once the system is setup.

For the inexperienced, setting up email marketing automation tools can be kind of a pain in the ass. All that time you save on the back end letting the system do its thing was probably spent setting the whole thing up in the first place. However, smart emailing is legit. It’s the better, smarter way to email (hence the name).

Explore Automated Email Marketing Services

Lucky for you, we at Post Launch have both the system and the time to make smart emailing, email newsletters, drip campaigns, and more happen for your business. All you have to do is approve the email messages we create, and we will get it all up and running for you. We know, it’s pretty impressive.

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