Press Release Writing Services

Does your business have a new message you’d like to get out to the public? Hopefully, it does, or else people may be prone to becoming bored with your company. Whenever you’ve got an exciting event going on or a new product to sell, our Las Vegas SEO company can help with our press release writing services.

When it comes to spreading the word about your business, the team at Post Launch has the knowledge and savviness to navigate the media realm. Simply put, with us as you PR co-pilots, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

What the heck is a press release and why do I need one, anyway?

A press release is a form of writing that allows you to spread the word about something new that’s going on. Its mission is to get your idea, plan, or product to a larger audience, specifically via some wide media source, like a newspaper or local news source.

Now, writing press releases is not for the faint of heart or inexperienced writer. There is a format you must follow to get the most reach and engagement, or to even be considered for publishing on a credible news source. Now, don’t start trying to search the Mighty Google on how to write one for yourself. We wouldn’t want you to worry your little head about something that you need not fret. We got you.

Expertise in Press Release Writing Services

At Post Launch, we offer professional press release writing and press release distribution. Whether you need to publish an article on your company’s blog, or if you want to get published in the local news, our professional press release writers can help. We’ll do our best to get your exciting news out to whatever channels that’ll reach your widest target audience. We’re that good.

The Creative Division is a carefully-selected collection of published writers who are talented, passionate, hilarious, and hard-working. Each is formally educated, and each writer has previous experience working in creative writing, journalism, or public relations, (or in some cases, all three). In other words, we know our stuff.

Have you gone to other marketing firms and found they couldn’t accurately match your company’s voice in their writing? Well, that just sucks. Fortunately for you, our team of press release writers understands the ins-and-outs of press release writing and various writing styles. We can capture your company’s voice to create exciting press releases, all while maintaining proper press release writing format. Impressive, right?

Additionally, we’ll keep you updated throughout your public relations campaign. After all, clear, positive communication is what you are looking for.

If you’re interested in getting your company to blast off to the next level, let our press release writing and distribution services help you out a bit. Call Post Launch today. We’ll discuss your campaign and give you a quote for our press release writing service cost.

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