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You’ve figured out how to make your website all nice and shiny, but your web copy is reading like a puddle of mud. How do you clearly state what your business does? How do you sneak in keywords to become more searchable, aka “delicious”? How do you make it snazzy and sexy?

The Importance of Working with a Content Marketing Agency

Website copy is what your site is really made of. Your audience follows it from your home page to your “About,” your blog, then your contact page. We at Post Launch know how to write content that guides your consumers right where you want them.

Even if you manage to pepper keywords into your website content and convey a general idea of what your business does, it will not result in people actually willing to read it. Your audience doesn’t want to trudge through useless words and heavy sentences. We know how to make your content marketing read like a waltz—or the macarena if that’s more your style.

Our brilliant content marketing consultants learn everything there is to know about your business, polish that information, then present to you content that’s as shiny as your website design. We do the work of deciding what, from your entire business story, your consumers need to know.

How will the best website copy help my business?

Not only does the best website copy help lead readers through your website gaining knowledge as they go, but it also contains little SEO secrets that drive results.

The best content marketing services utilize:

  • Keyword research
  • Headings
  • Intrasite Links
  • Social Links

Your content is for your consumers and for the Google Bots that get your site out there to potential consumers. We write copy that appeals to the humans and the bots!

Blog Writing Services

Post Launch is dedicated to helping improve your company’s web presence. One of the main ways we do that is by creating engaging, original, and riveting content. Our blog content writing services are so much more than just quirky opinion pieces. We give you the best SEO blog writing service, using the best practices in web presence marketing.

First, it’s more than “blogging.” Blogs are bricks atop your website’s foundation. One of the best ways to get your website on the first page of Google, and in turn, bring more traffic to your site, is to create great content related to the services and products your business provides. That’s why we say, “Content is king!” But, as a busy business person, it can sometimes be hard to keep your company’s blog updated with the latest news and tips by yourself. That’s where we come in!

Our full service content marketing agency offers the most reliable blogging services. Our talented content conjurors and shamans work assiduously to provide your company with our article writing services and blog posting service. We do the legwork of researching interesting topics, incorporating the right keywords, and sharing the content on social media.

How will blogging services help my business?

Our blogging services for small businesses and larger companies can be tailored to exactly what your company needs. Our content strategies are designed to drive traffic to your site and give your readers content they’re excited to see. The Post Launch content marketing consultants are experienced in many different kinds of digital content creation, including:

  • WordPress services
  • Guest blogging services
  • Podcasting services
  • Lead generation
  • And more!

Website Copywriting Services

What is website copywriting? Professional copywriting services refer to writing copy that’s used to advertise or market your business. Doing it online means adding onsite pages to your website. Online copywriting services include writing product descriptions, content about the company, values and mission statement, explanation of services, and more. Whatever content you need to go on your website that describes your business is considered online copywriting.

Why is onsite copywriting important?

We get it. Everyone knows what a dog grooming business does. Even a donut shop can’t be too complicated to explain to others. But online content copywriting is about more than explaining your business; it’s about marketing your business. It’s about developing content that will be found when someone looks up your industry and business type.

Everyone knows that a donut shop serves donuts. However, not everyone knows the story behind that donut shop, the reason that donut shop is the best, or how to find that donut shop. Just because you know, doesn’t mean everyone else knows. We can’t all be donut shop smart, geez!

In all seriousness, every business’s website needs at least basic content for online users. Help others find you online by providing at the very least five essential onsite content pages.

Every business website should have content that explains:

  • Who We Are (About)
  • What We Do (Services)
  • What Makes Us Special
  • Why You Should Do Business with Us
  • How to Do Business with Us (Contact information)

Although these five are essential, you shouldn’t just stop there. Other pages, like products might also be important to add. Who are we to limit your dreams of onsite content? Then, when you run out of onsite content pages to make, adding new blog posts to your website is the next step in content marketing services.

Press Release Writing Service

Does your business have a message you’d like to get out to the public? Hopefully, it does, or else people may be prone to becoming bored with you. Whenever you’ve got an exciting event going on or a new product to sell, our content marketing consultants can help with our press release writing services.

When it comes to spreading the word about your business, the team at Post Launch has the knowledge and savviness to navigate the media realm. Simply put, with us as your PR co-pilots, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

What the heck is a press release and why do I need one?

A press release is a form of content marketing that allows you to spread the word about something new that’s going on. Its mission is to get your idea, plan, or product to a larger audience, specifically via some wide media source, like a newspaper or local news source.

Now, writing press releases is not for the faint of heart or inexperienced writer. You must follow a certain format to get the most reach and engagement, or to even be considered for publishing on a credible news source. Don’t start trying to search the Mighty Google on how to write one yourself. We wouldn’t want you to worry your little head about something that you need not fret. We got you.

Expertise in press release writing services

At Post Launch, we offer professional press release writing and press release distribution. Whether you need to publish an article on your company’s blog, or if you want to get published in the local news, our professional press release writers can help. We’ll do our best to get your exciting news out to whatever channels that’ll reach your widest target audience. We’re that good.

The Creative Division is a carefully-selected collection of published writers who are talented, passionate, hilarious, and hard-working. Each is formally educated, and each writer has previous experience working in creative writing, journalism, or public relations, (or in some cases, all three). In other words, we know our stuff.

Have you gone to other marketing firms and found they couldn’t accurately match your company’s voice in their writing? Well, that just sucks. Fortunately for you, our team of content marketing consultants understands the ins-and-outs of press release writing and various writing styles. We can capture your company’s voice to create exciting press releases, all while maintaining proper press release writing format. Impressive, right?

Additionally, we’ll keep you updated throughout your public relations campaign. After all, clear, positive communication is what you are looking for.

We Handle All Content Marketing Services at Post Launch!

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