Content Marketing

You’ve figured out how to make your website all nice and shiny, but your web copy is reading like a puddle of mud. How do you clearly state what your business does? How do you sneak in keywords to become more searchable, aka “delicious”? How do you make it snazzy and sexy?

content marketing

Why do I need the best website copy?

Website copy is what your site is really made of. Your audience follows it from your home page to your “about me,” your blog, then your contact page. We at Post Launch know how to write website copy that guides your consumers right where you want them.

Even if you manage to pepper keywords into your website copy and convey a general idea of what your business does, it will have no effect if people aren’t willing to read it. Your audience doesn’t want to trudge through useless words and heavy sentences. We know how to make your website copy read like a waltz…  or the macarena—if that’s more your style.

Our brilliant content maestros and virtuosos learn everything there is to know about your business, polish that information, then present to you website copy that’s as shiny as your website design. We do the work of deciding what, from your entire business story, your consumers need to know.

How will the best website copy help my business?

Not only does the best website copy help lead readers through your website gaining knowledge as they go, but it also contains little SEO secrets.

The best website copy utilizes:

  • Keywords
  • Headings
  • Intrasite Links
  • Social Links

Your website copy is for your consumers and for the Google bots that get your site out there to potential consumers. We write copy that appeals to the humans and the bots!

We handle everything at Post Launch!

Once your website is built (or thinking of being built), contact Post Launch to get your website copy written and optimized for the internet-verse.

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