Social Media Advertising Services

In the world of online advertising, social media is now playing with the big boys. And if you aren’t taking advantage of social media advertising for your marketing strategies, you’re missing out on a HUGE (and relatively inexpensive) marketing opportunity.

Social media is really good at collecting people’s information. Facebook, in particular, makes most of its money from ads because it shares so much data with marketers to target their audience efficiently. Although people groan now and then about their privacy being violated, Facebook is still the number one social media platform around. Which is great news for marketers.

The beauty of social media advertising is that you can target your ads to the people who will be more likely to buy your product or service. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or some other platform, the trackable user data available to marketers is creepy awesome.

Types of Social Media Advertising

There are many types of ads on social media, and each new social platform eventually adds advertising options to their platform so users can start paying them money. Some social media advertising options are more effective than others, and the platform to use depends on your industry and type of business. Here are the three most popular social media advertising options:


Facebook offers its users many different ways to pay them money for advertising. If you want to get more page likes, there’s an ad for that. If you want more website visits, there’s an ad for that. If you want people to install your new app, there’s an ad for that. If you want more people to see your latest video or post, there’s an option to boost that. Facebook has certainly made it easy for you to decide which ad you want to use, target it towards the right people, and pay to play for as little as $5 a day. All you need is a Facebook page to get started. Solid stuff, Facebook. Solid stuff.


Twitter advertising keeps their social media marketing tools a little more simple than Facebook. They offer advertising campaigns to increase website visits, get more followers, increase engagement, and mobile app promotion campaigns. Why would we recommend Twitter ads? Twitter is a fast-moving platform. With millions of tweets being sent out daily, it’s easy to get lost in all the tweet noise, and your message won’t be seen by very many. So Twitter advertising actually might just work.


YouTube advertising is different from Twitter or Facebook because YouTube is a different kind of social platform. It’s focused on video consumption instead of incessant text posts about politics, food, and babies. Of course, there are still plenty of those subjects on YouTube— just in video format. On this platform, you can advertise skippable video ads, non-skippable video ads, and bumper ad videos. If you don’t have a video yet, YouTube also allows for overlay and display ads, which are image ads that pop up next to and at the bottom 20% of YouTube videos.

Over 3.4 billion people use the internet, and 2.3 billion of those people have at least one active social media account. If you are not considering social media advertising in your online advertising campaign, you’re missing out on reaching a lot of people. Like 2.3 billion of them. Now don’t get us wrong, there are more options than solely Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. You can try Instagram advertising, LinkedIn advertising, Pinterest advertising, and more. The best platforms to use to advertise your business really does depend on your business type and industry.

The best advice we can offer anyone looking to spend money on online advertising: don’t just throw money at Google AdWords (especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.) Look at all the online advertising options and combine paid search with social ads to find the best fit for your business mold. The best news about this advice is that social ads are cheap, and cheap is good. Only you know the kind of advertising your company needs. Well, actually we know that too. But that’s because we’re the professionals when it comes to online advertising and social media marketing tools. It’s our job to know. That’s what the professionals are for.

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