The Most Ridiculously American Things on the Internet

fourth of july sparklers

Happy Fourth of July, everybody! This Independence Day, we’re going to celebrate America! Imagine that! Well, what better way to represent our great country than to take examples of our gun-toting, “USA” chanting, and freedom-loving, die-hard patriots straight off the Internet? There isn’t one, because we invented the Internet, too. Booyah.

Celebrating the Fourth of July on the Internet shows us the essence of American culture, for better or for worse—but always for our amusement. Here are some of the most stereotypical American things and just all around goofy freedom stuff. Enjoy!

American Internet Culture for the Fourth of July

People showing off their freedom of speech on Yahoo Answers

In America, we believe that everybody should have access to the Internet…but maybe these people should take a break for a while?

Here, we see one of the most classic American things to do: being very confused by countries that aren’t America.

First of all, whose man is this? Everyone knows England is an America-wannabe try-hard.

america yahoo english

We just can’t wrap our brains around Australia for some reason.

america yahoo australia

Most elusive of all, our closest neighbor Canada…do they even have bathrooms? Serious question.

america canada yahoo

Our biggest trading partner might as well be part of the states because of food reasons. Panda Express should serve live octopus, and I won’t be moved on this!

china america yahoo

Americans love their social media…a little too much

The Fourth of July, 1776. The day England took one of the biggest L’s in history.

america meme 1776

Donald Trump—love him or hate him, but don’t lie about not finding entertainment in his Twitter antics…

america mama salem

Speaking of…

I said I wasn’t going to get political, but…

america 3 drinks later

Only in America…

Nothing feels better than practicing our right to bear arms while scarfing down greasy breakfast food. Just saying that will bring tears to our founding fathers’ eyes.  

american breakfast

If there’s one thing America loves, it’s guns. It seems that in this day and age, just about everybody has one and is gosh darn proud of it, I’ll tell you what!

Perfect boys don’t exi—

As told by someone from another country, what is with America’s fascination with this guy? Sorry, but only 90’s American kids will understand…

Marvel fans, if this isn’t the most American statement you’ll ever see…

captain america hitler

Happy Fourth of July from Post Launch!

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