Remember Your Underwear and Your Marketing Before Going on Vacation

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Time to take those summer vacations and spend time “relaxing” with family. Relaxing on vacation is necessary, and well-deserved, but just because you are taking time off doesn’t mean your business should. Not everyone gets to take a summer vacation and the people who are around when you aren’t need to know that your business is still open for business. Keeping your 2016 marketing campaigns going all year long will help you:

  • Increase brand awareness through consistent marketing
  • Maintain steady stream of revenue during the “slow season” for your business
  • Become a thought leader in qualitative and quantitative content

How can we maintain a strong summer marketing campaign when vacation calls? The following are a few tips to keeping your marketing campaigns strong all summer.

Summer Marketing Campaign Tips

Keep your email marketing campaigns fresh.

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Summertime is a time when people are naturally more happy, engaged and active. Play your marketing campaign towards that mentality with fun looks, bright colors, summery promotions. Include patriotic symbols and promotions for summer activities like BBQs and pool parties, and keep everything pushed out over social media fun and fresh. Check out these creative marketing promotions you can try for your business.

Keep email newsletters brief.

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No one wants to spend a lot of time staring at their computer screens during the summer. So make sure your newsletters and e-blasts stand up to our short attention span, highlighting only one or two items instead of three or four. Keep them user-friendly and mobile optimized so people can read them on the go.

Pre-schedule content and social media posts.

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Keep your website and social media pages active, even while you are on vacation, by simply scheduling out posts ahead of time. You can schedule posts through WordPress, Tweetdeck, Facebook, and more.

Add new acquaintances to your mailing list.

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Being on vacation is excellent for networking because you are not stuck behind a computer screen. You are actually out in the world talking to other people—the perfect way to form new relationships that could be good for business. Add your new acquaintances to your email list and grow your contacts on social media, too.

Go Mobile.

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Just because you are not in front of a computer screen does not mean you cannot access the web. Vacation is not always a time to work, but when emergencies arise, your mobile device can be a lifesaver. Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged before going on long vacation adventures. Check your email often and forward important emails along to your team to make sure they get done. Check in on social media to boost your online engagement with active and positive posts.

Going on vacation does not mean business stops. So marketing campaigns shouldn’t stop either. Stay consistent and your marketing efforts will pay off more than those who simply go on vacation. Stay up-to-date with Summer School SEO tips.

If you need assistance in keeping your marketing campaign going strong all summer long, call on a Las Vegas marketing company like Post Launch to help you plan your best marketing campaigns and execute them while you take the vacation you deserve.

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