Put Down the Remote! How to Stay Productive This Summer

Spend your summer productively

The days are getting longer—and hotter. Your dreams of summer productivity are probably out the door. But, while it can be tempting to keep answering the call of your Netflix account, you may want to think twice about spending a lot of time in front of the boob tube.

Although Netflix and Chill can be a welcome distraction at the end of a long day, several published studies have shown that binge watching Netflix—or any television program—can be pretty bad for your health.

How to Spend Vacation Wisely—Get Productive!

Research has also found that the long-term effects of extended sedentary activities can’t be counteracted by daily exercise alone. In fact, the only way to minimize the “active couch potato syndrome” is to interrupt your binge-watching sessions with regular physical activity. If you’re wondering how to spend your vacation wisely—and more healthily—try these productive summer projects instead!

Travel the world from your kitchen

As a web presence marketing firm based in Sin City, we know a thing or two about oppressive heat. Beat the summer slump, stay cool, and get healthier this summer by exploring the world through cuisine. The Internet has millions of easy, tasty, and healthy summer treats that will keep your mind busy and your body satisfied.

explore world cuisine

Find a festival for your tribe

Traveling to a festival or even finding one that’s close to home is a must for the summer of 2017. Despite the rowdy and expensive reputations some festivals have, there are thousands of local fairs held across the country that are inexpensive and family-friendly. There are dozens of sites to help you find your festival tribe, too—check out Eventful or Everfest.

hit a festival this summer

Jump into summer savings with seasonal deals

As many college students know, summer is the perfect time to take advantage of seasonal deals. Many businesses offer special discounts or programs to students and locals. They’re intended to entice customers out of their cool homes and into movie theaters, gyms, museums, and other organizations. Who said summer productivity wasn’t fun?

#TGIF: thank goodness it’s family time

With more than half of the year already gone, you may be missing friends or family that you’ve been too busy to visit. Summer is the perfect time to take a pause and spend some much-needed quality time with your loved ones. Instead of parking yourselves on the couch, try taking a walk at the park or beach. If you’re inclined, you could even bring a volleyball or soccer ball for a friendly night time game.

take a break with your family this summer

Pick up some good summer reads

Reading books isn’t only good for your brain, but it’s also a great way learn something new while beating the heat. Library cards are free, and many libraries now offer access to ebooks which makes your life even easier. If you’re like us and would rather own your book, libraries, secondhand stores, and charity organizations like Goodwill sell books for incredibly affordable prices.

summer reads

Learn something new or pick up a productive summer project

The long days of the summer also make for the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill or finally pick up that hobby you’ve been dying to try out. When it comes to getting productive and crafty, sites like Pinterest are your friend—as is your local craft store. From DIY projects that spruce up your home to tips for organizing rooms around the house, your productive summer is safe in the hands of Pinterest.

much to learn you still have

Get active in your community

If you find yourself with some extra time this summer, giving back to your community is always a productive and meaningful way to spend your time. When it comes to picking an organization to work with, stick with causes that genuinely interest you. Whether it’s working at an animal shelter or as a volunteer on a mental health hotline, local community organizations everywhere are always in need of an extra pair of helping hands.

obama community

Spend Your Summer Making the Internet Awesome

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