Post Launch Web Presence Origin Story

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Post Launch is an internet marketing company. What we do here at Post Launch is everything related to online web presence. As we know, most people turn to the internet to shop, to research, to have fun, to engage, so it’s really important to have a very, very solid web presence. The reason I started Post Launch is that I had worked in the software business, and what I saw was so many opportunities lost. People came with brilliant, fantastic, really great ideas…. But, I watched so many of them just die on the vine. Success really could have been achieved for most of these companies if they had a relatively easy roadmap to be able to market their product online.

One of the really great things about the Vegas tech community is the fact that there’s so much support and there are so many really cool, new companies starting all the time. It’s so invigorating, for lack of a better term, to see these really great focused individuals to come up with really, really cool ideas and concepts all the time. It’s neat to be in a center for innovation, and invention, and really, just be around good people.

We hire talented, smart individuals. I like people who get excited about the opportunities that we can present. If you can actually be excited about helping to grow a business, you’re right for our team.

We are currently hiring people in client manager positions, we are currently hiring people in writer positions, we’re currently hiring video editors, so we’re actually…we’re actively hiring this very instant and almost always, so if anyone is interested in checking out Post Launch, come visit us, shoot us an email. The [email protected] is the best email to reach us on or call (702) 800-2131.

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