Post Launch Career Day: What We’d Do If We Weren’t in SEO

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If you could do anything in the world as a career, what would that thing be? Would you still be in the field you’re in right now, or would you do something crazy and out of this world instead? I asked the Post Launch team to ponder these questions today and think about where we would be if we had absolute freedom and worked in a job outside our SEO careers.

What’s the Best Thing about an SEO Career?

Before we get into the dream jobs, let’s just remind you readers that digital marketing careers are where it’s at. There are many benefits of working in the technology industry, simply because this field is constantly growing. Computers aren’t going anywhere, so we’d like to think our jobs are here to stay, too, right?

Also, we’re in a field in which we help people reach their goals. We are chameleons with our words, morphing them to fit the goals and voice of each of our clients. We learn new stuff every day. And, our office is filled with the coolest people on the planet, if I do say so myself.

So, what would some web nerds like us do if we weren’t working for Post Launch?

Post Launchers outside the SEO Field

Kasey, our newest member of the team and a talented writer, claims he’d become one with nature. He says, “I would be a zookeeper like Kevin James.”

Alex-Anna, one of our talented Content Creators, says she’d use her argumentative skills to boost her career: “If I didn’t work in SEO, I would definitely be a lawyer. It has always been my ‘fall back,’ as backward as that seems. I can’t resist a well-formed argument.”

Eva, another asset to the Creative Division, claims she’d become a professional inquisitor: “I’ve always wanted to be a journalist. Why? Because I’m nosey and have been since childhood. I’ll never forget the horrified expression on my mom’s face when I walked around the grocery store asking strangers matter of factly, “What’s your religion?” From a nosey child turned nosey adult, journalism is basically a societal permission slip to make people really stinkin’ uncomfortable whenever you feel like it.”

As Post Launch’s Assistant Editor, I (Angie) am passionate about words. If I weren’t working here, I’d hopefully still be in a career where I get to pour my mounds of emotion into some great content. That could mean novel writing or creating an easy-to-love TV show. I can also imagine myself owning and managing an organization that supports strange and weird teens who want to write in a literary journal and need to feel validated in their strange and weird identities. Basically an after-school organization for emo kids, trans kids, ethnic kids, creative kids, etc.

Jen, one of our extraordinary Client Experience Officers, has a Plan B, Plan C, and a Plan D! She says, “Something I always wanted to be since I was a kid was a comedian because I love to make people laugh and see them happy. But, before I understood the rules of humanity, I really wanted to be a mermaid. My dream job would be a sports commentator/reporter for ESPN. And if all else fails in the SEO realm, I’ll resort to being a superhero ninja saving the world.”

Michelle, another talented Client Experience Officer, wants a unique path. She says, “I would be training to be a Jedi knight. I would be a wedding photographer. I would be working at a hipster vegan restaurant.”

Anne E., our Director of Operations and Editor-in-Chief, let her mind really wander when it came to choosing and alternative career: “I think I’d still try to help people, you know? Or, fight justice better than Batman. Kick butt in Chucks as a secret agent. Teaching in different countries would be cool. I’d definitely be part of a team, though. I couldn’t kick butt autonomously. Like Avengers. Or better yet, Justice League.

Or, I’d read all day. Get paid to geek out over authors and books and words, words, words—all of the wonderful words out there. Or, writing for a TV show. Working with a team of writers on a TV show that made people laugh, cry, and talk about it at work the next day. Can I just read all the time? That would be cool, too.”

And last, our fearless leader and Mission Controller, Geoff, thinks he’d use his marketing skills to be in a similar career. He says, “I’d like to think I would be a novelist or a music composer; however, I’m pretty sure I lack the patience to be creative like that. So, I’d probably sell Chevrolets since I can sell the balls off stuff.”

Put Us to Work

We could spend all day and night dreaming about the possibilities of what’s outside of an SEO career, but to tell the truth, we love what we do. Contact us today and give us a reason to come into work every day.

And while you’re here, tell us in the comments how you think SEO nerds would last in the zombie apocalypse. We’ve been pondering how our computer skills would translate into survival skills, if at all.

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