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Writing your own blog week after week can be exhausting creatively. You don’t have enough brain cells to spread to ANOTHER email much less a creative blog title. Sometimes we update our sites just for the sake of updating them because you heard from someone somewhere once that it was good for search engine—whatever it’s called. In our hurry to do the necessities, we forget the necessities, even the simple things like good blog titles for your content marketing.

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Do you ever think about why you click on the blogs and links that you click on? Statistics show that’s usually because the title is intriguing, that it answers a question. So that’s the question: Are your blogs answering your audience’s questions and getting their attention?

Blog Titles: Why They Matter

We format our titles, headers, and subheaders intentionally because we know it helps improve the reader’s experience. And just like a shirt can showcase the personality of someone wearing said shirt, blogs and blog titles are the shirts in your company’s wardrobe showcasing your voice and character.

TL;DR: Blog titles are the shirts in your company’s wardrobe showcasing your voice and character.

Blog writing and blog titles matter for two reasons: SEO and… SEO. The first being the search engines we know and love like Google just eat up good blogs, and blogs with the proper wrapping and presentation of a blog title will receive higher ranks, better traffic, and more customers.

The second SEO that matters is for the human side of search engine optimization. People will not always look for your services or products exactly. Sometimes they are looking for a solution to a problem, and you just so happen to answer that problem in your blogs. Blogs are other channels your potential clientele may find you online. (When strategizing your keywords for your blogging, however, remember the intent of your audience, whether it’s informational, navigational, or transactional.)

Blog Title Examples

So you get it. Blog titles are good for Google and for your human audience online. But how do I know if my blog has a good title?

Let’s do a quick test. Which of the following blog titles would you click on?

  • You Want a Good Product? We’ve Got One!
  • 3 Essential Tips to Getting the Most out of Our Services
  • How to Solve All Your Problems in 3 Easy to Learn Steps

They get better as they go don’t they? When in doubt, use words and phrases like the following:

  • How to
  • Easy Steps to
  • Ultimate Guide
  • Key Benefits
  • ___ Ways to
  • Secrets
  • Hacks

Here are some questions, too, to ask yourself as your create your blog and the title of that blog.

Step 1: Is it relevant?

Timely topics always do well, but make sure it’s relevant to your audience first. They will not care about stock market forecast if your audience is a bunch of Millennials.

Step 2: Does it have a keyword?

Longtail phrases or keywords relevant to your audience and what they may be searching for is essential to a good blog title. Your reader can know right away if the information you provide them is valuable and/or useful to them.

Step 3: Is it catchy?

Cleverness can take you far. People appreciate a turn of a phrase or even an old fashion pun if done tastefully. Don’t try too hard, though; they can tell.

Step 4: Is the blog content relevant?

Just because you came up with the best blog title EVER does not mean that you wrote the best blog EVER. Make sure your blog holds up the blog title you came up with. Sometimes, if not done correctly, catchy blog titles can do more harm than good.

TL;DR: Good blog titles = audience relevancy + keyword relevancy + content relevancy.

And sometimes, it just takes practice and evaluation of what has done well and what hasn’t.

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What next?

Again, don’t blog for the sake of blogging. While it might be better than nothing, it might be worse than nothing. Content marketing takes time, strategy, and evaluation. If don’t know how to start, a content strategy or how to streamline your content marketing strategy, start with a pen and notebook and write down the most common questions your customers ask. Start answering those questions.

Additionally, creating the perfect blog may mean creating the perfect video blog.

TL;DR: Blog writing and blog titles need more than a little luck.

Blogging isn’t for the faint of heart despite what you may think of those blogs out there. “Anybody can do it!” Indeed, anybody can but not everybody does it well. In the end, coming up with blog title ideas is just the beginning.

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