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Hi everyone, Geoff Radcliffe here from Post Launch. I want to talk to you a little bit about one of the great tools that we’re using to expand the campaigns for ourselves and our clients in their online marketing efforts. We call it social amplification. This is a really great product and program that we put together that actually incentivizes your team, your fans, your customers, your family, your friends, your members to share content on social media that you put together.

From the headquarters, we write a great piece of content and then we push it out programmatically to your followers, to your friends, to your family, to your employees. What they do is they have the opportunity to share the content through their own social media platforms. Rather than retweeting or rather than clicking the share or like button on their existing social networks, they get to push it out as original content.

Now the big hook for this is we find that the reach for most of our clients utilizing this type of marketing campaign is at least 400% higher than standard posting and pushing out to social media regardless of the content, which is really pretty cool.

So, the individuals that are connected to the brand receive points, they receive benefits, or they receive incentives, and once you hit a certain number of points for sharing content, posting original content to your own wall, you get a t-shirt, a gift card, or a vacation day, whatever the company deems appropriate.

Here at Post Launch, we manage this for quite a few clients and it is incredibly successful. I’m very excited about the opportunity. If you’re interested learning about social amplification, give us a call at Post Launch at 702-800-2131 or visit us online at

What is social amplification? “Social distribution is your brand sharing your digital content on your channels. Amplification happens when your content is shared, either through organic or paid engagement, within social marketing channels thereby increasing your word-of-mouth exposure.”

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